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Konnichiwa, Minna! Irrashaimese! Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand-new Pretty Soldier: Sailor Moon. Yes, this is my GREAT BIG update, and I hope you like it as much as I do. Please email me and tell me if you like the new layout better or the old layout better. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, Pretty Soldier: Sailor Moon has taken on a new look. I've changed everything from the music to the background, and everything in between. Well, almost. I'm STILL working my tushi off on the rest of the site, like the character files, links, (most of them are outdated, so don't go to ANY of them just yet!!) and I'M CHANGING SERVERS!! Yes, yes, I am. Now, I don't have a problem with Angelfire. Its just that Angelfire has too many problems! I will be switching to SpReE very soon. Any ideas for my site? Feel free to drop me an e-mail. [I can't wait to put this link up, because this is a super place!! Visit SAILORMOON-DOT-ORG!!]


Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Moon|Pretty Soldier: Sailor Moon is a popular anime series by Naoko Takeuchi. It is about a fourteen year old girl named Serena, who is the Princess of the Moon, and the pretty soldier, Sailor Moon, born to fight the forces of evil for a peaceful future of Earth. Sailor Moon meets up with several other girls (Ami, Raye, Lita, and Mina) who become the Sailor Scouts, (Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus) her comrades and partners in fighting evil. Sailor Moon is destined to be with her one and only love, Darien, who is also a helper for the Sailor Team, the wise and fierce Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon is also Princess Serenity, the daughter of Queen Serenity, the former queen of the moon. Sailor Moon later becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, the next ruler, who is married to King Endymion, a later form of Tuxedo Mask. They have a daughter, little pink-haired Chibi-Usa, who later becomes a Sailor Soldier as well. Later in the series, in come more Sailor Soldiers, the Outer Scouts. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. There are also the Sailor Starlights, asking help from Sailor Moon to find their princess, Princess Fireball. They, in turn, help Sailor Moon to help protect the earth from being taken over.

Of course, there are enemies. First there are the Nega Forces, ruled by Queen Metalia and Queen Beryl. After they were 'moon-dusted,' then came the inhabitants of the Black Moon Kingdom, ruled by Prince Diamond and Wise Man. Soon after that, came the Death Busters and the Witches Five, ruled by a soul-less Professor Tomoe and Pharoah Ninety. After the Death Busters came the Amazoness Quartet and Queen Nehrenia. Soon after that came the evil Sailor Galaxia controlled by Chaos. So many enemies, so little time, but hey-- the Sailor Team managed to do it all!

All of the Sailors increase their power each season by increased transformation methods and powers. Sailor Moon grows into a better Sailor Moon each time, going into Super Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Moon. Same for the Sailor Team.

This is an excellent series. I hope this overview helped you some. Have fun!


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