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Courtney's Web Page

Hey I am
I am 15 and I live in Alabama. I have 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. I am a sophmore in highschool. I like to watch T.V., play the playstation, ride 4-wheelers, ride dirtbikes, chat online, play sports, and talk 2 Mitchell on da phone! My fav. sports are basketball and football. I also like racing. My favorite racecar drivers are Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jr., Steve Park, and Dale Jarrett. I also like to hunt and fish. I would like to say hey to my friends: ☼Mitchell Wade-hey! wassup? not much here. I miss you alot, I am so lucky to have you as my b/f. You make me feel so special. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't wait to see you again. Stay sweet and keep it cool. Don't forget; I love you! TTYL! *your chicken is ready...* I love you and I miss you! *kiss* *hugz*
, ☼Tony Jordon-Hey crazy! wassup? Hope you are doing good... Stay cool and don't get into no trouble. ttyl. bye. ¤Wes Craig (AKA UnStabl3 ThOughts)- Hey Crazy! Thanx 4 bein' here 4 me all this time, you are a great friend, be sweet and don't get into no trouble!, ¤Adam Garlock-Hey "Devil" wassup? You're crazy but you aight I guess-NOT!!!, ¤Jason Stuckey-Hey Cousin! I miss you, you are wild and crazy but you still my cousin-Love ya Boy!, ¤Alishia Stuckey-Hey Gurl! Stay Sweet and Cool! Don't be flirtin' too much!, ¤Coby Greene-Hey Gurl!!! how is ya? Be Sweet! Thanx for bein there for me for soo long, you are crazy but you are my bestest friend! LOL! Love ya! *hugz*, ¤Kristi and Kayla Garlock-Hey Crazy Gurls! Stay Sweet! Be Good and don't beat up on Adam too much!, ¤Ashley Holland-Hey Gurl! You are really cool and sweet! Stay that way and I hope it works well between you and the "Devil" after I talk to him! Love Ya Gurl! *hugz*
, and whoever else I forgot I am sorry..let me know and I will add you. my other page

Well, this is pretty much all you need to know about me, so bye!

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