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Ennis Family of Coffee County, Alabama

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Ennis Family

Descendants of Jesse Ennis

Generation No. 1

1. JESSE1 ENNIS was born Abt. 1750 in Probably North Carolina or Virginia. Notes for JESSE ENNIS: No proof exists that shows Arthur, James, and others are the children of Jesse Ennis of S.C. A Jesse Ennis is found on the 1790 S.C. Lancaster County District with Arthur Ennis I. Children of JESSE ENNIS are: 2. i. ARTHUR2 ENNIS I, b. Abt. 1770, N. C.; d. Bef. 1836, South Carolina. 3. ii. GEORGE ENNIS, b. Abt. 1794, South Caroline; d. Cherokee County, Alabama. 4. iii. JAMES ENNIS, b. Abt. 1796, S. C.; d. Aft. 1850, Cherokee County, Alabama. Generation No. 2 2. ARTHUR2 ENNIS I (JESSE1) was born Abt. 1770 in N. C., and died Bef. 1836 in South Carolina. He married (1) MARGARET FLEMING. He married (2) MARTHA SIMS Abt. 1790 in South Carolina. She was born Abt. 1772 in Virginia or North Carolina. Notes for ARTHUR ENNIS I: Much research has been done to try to find the parents of Arthur Ennis I, your Compiler's known ancestor but to date nothing has been found. No proof exists that Arthur's wife's surname was Sims. (See possible clue below). Information has been documented as much as possible. Arthur Ennis I (designated No. 1 to distinguish from his son). owned land on Cedar Creek S.C. (Source: Lancaster County S.C. Deed Abstracts 1787-1811 by Brent H. HJolcomb, C.A.L.S. 192, Book G, page 214) September 17, 1807 There was listed in the book " Memoirs of Georgia" an article about a Charles W. Ennis, ex-sheriff and farmer in Milledgeville, Georgia. The article stated he was born in Baldwin County, Georgia in 1845 and that his parents were P. M. Ennis and Evaline Minor Ennis. The article did not state where they were from, just that they were of Scotch-Irish descent. These Ennises may be related to Arthur. The 1790 census for South Carolina lists Jesse Ennis, Heads of family and age 16 and up males - 1, Free while males under 16 - 4, free while females including head of house - 3. This census is for the Camden District, Lancaster County, S.C. where the family bible for Artur II says he was born. In the 96th District, Union County, S. C. 1790 Census there is listed a John Ennis. in house 1-2-3 In the 98th District, Newberry County, S.C, 1790 Census there is listed a George Ennis, in house 1-0 This was found in a researcher's notes: Andrew Ennis Augusta, Georgia merchant, Grantee in deed in Franklin Co, Georgia 1795 fromThos. Murray, qv. Arthur Ennis adj. landowner in deed Lancaster County, South Carolina 1833 by Ervin. We Sims, qv, to Furney Sims, Tract on Cedar Creek of Catawba R. We do know that Arthur owned land on Cedar Creek and probaly the Sims mentioned here were related to his wife. A deed was found in Chambers County, Alabama with the name Capt .Andrew Ennis. There were two dates on this deed, 1861 and 1871 There is probably a connection between the Chambers County Ennis to the Andrew of Augusta, Georgia. Arthur's second wife is believed to be Margaret Fleming. There was a property dispute about 115 acres of land in South Carolina in 1840 between Margaret Ennis and Arthur's named sons.
Margaret's age was given as between 30 and 40 years of age. She was to receive only 1/3 of Arthur's land.
In another document found in the Lancaster Courthouse Peter Fleming was appointed guardian of minor child, George. Document dated 11 March 1836 George could be the child of the second wife. Peter could have been Margaret's brother. We cannot establish George's age because we do not know exactly when Arthur died. To be a minor, he had to have been under the age of 21 when his father died.

Your compiler has two marriages that she feels sure belongs to these Ennis but she cannot at the present identify. Marriages in Lee County, Alabama: Homer Hammock to Olive or Aline Ennis Sept. 9, 1903 Marriage Book D; Wm. M. Webb to Nettie L. Ennis, Aug. 28, 1888. Bk. B. More About ARTHUR ENNIS I: Fact 1: September 17, 1807, Owned land on Cedar Creek, S. C. Notes for MARTHA SIMS: Last Name believed to be "Simms/Sims. Descendant Sherry McLemore states that Martha, aka Middy/Mittie b. 1845 married Arthur Ennis. She was the daughter of Irvin Joseph Sims, b. 1778, d. 1864 in Lancaster, S.C. married Molly McGeehee and had the following issue: Joseph Sims, d. before 1864, Mary d. before 1864 (had married a Sartain); Jarrett, b.1803 d. 1882; Rebecca b. 1804, married James D. Cauthen, Martha(Middy) b. 1805 mar. Arthur Ennis; Samuel b. 1808; Francis Ann b. 1815 d. 1885 mar. James Brady Reeves. Sherry descends from Samuel and Frances line (double Sims kinship). More About ARTHUR ENNIS and MARTHA SIMS: Marriage: Abt. 1790, South Carolina Children of ARTHUR ENNIS and MARGARET FLEMING are: i. DAVID ENNIS3 ENNIS, b. Abt. 1814; m. ELIZABETH. Notes for DAVID ENNIS ENNIS: David was found on the 1850 Chambers County, Alabama census. 5. ii. GEORGE W. ENNIS, b. Abt. 1816, S.C.. Children of ARTHUR ENNIS and MARTHA SIMS are: iii. BRAMEY3 ENNIS, b. Abt. 1793, North Caolina; m. CORNELIUS. 6. iv. MARY ENNIS, b. 1794, Probably North Carolina. 7. v. BENJAMIN ENNIS, b. 1805, South Carolina; d. Blount County, Alabama. 8. vi. ARTHUR ENNIS II, b. November 26, 1806, Lancaster County, South Carolina; d. February 02, 1891, Chambers County, Alabama. 9. vii. JAMES ENNIS, b. 1811, South Carolina; d. Muscogee County, Georgia. 3. GEORGE2 ENNIS (JESSE1) was born Abt. 1794 in South Caroline, and died in Cherokee County, Alabama. He married JANE 1828 in South Carolina. She was born 1799 in South Carolina. Notes for GEORGE ENNIS: George Ennis is believed to be the brother of Arthur Ennis I and is therefore being included in this genealogy. Your compiler is listing the unknown parents of Arthur and George simply as Father Ennis and Mother Ennis until more is uncovered. George and his family were found on the 1850 Cherokee County, Alabama census, page 092. The first three children were shown as being born in South Carolina. The younger ones born in Alabama which indicates that they arrived in Alabama about 1836. More About GEORGE ENNIS and JANE: Marriage: 1828, South Carolina Children of GEORGE ENNIS and JANE are: i. SUSAN3 ENNIS, b. 1829. ii. NAOMI ENNIS, b. 1832. iii. LETESIA ENNIS, b. 1834. iv. JESSE ENNIS, b. 1838. v. JOHN ENNIS, b. 1829. vi. EUNIS ENNIS, b. 1841. vii. GEORGE ENNIS, b. 1844. 4. JAMES2 ENNIS (JESSE1) was born Abt. 1796 in S. C., and died Aft. 1850 in Cherokee County, Alabama. He married NANCY Abt. 1829 in South Carolina. She was born Abt. 1809 in South Carolina. Notes for JAMES ENNIS: This family is found on 1850 Cherokee County, Alabama census page 092
House 417
James Ennis age 53 agriculture value 1200 born South Carolina
Nancy age 40, b. South Carolina
Cecilia age 18, b. South Carolina
Emily age 16 b. Alabama
Rednick age 11 b. Alabama
Clary age 8 b. Alabama
James age 6 b. Alabama
Martha age 4, b. Alabama

On the 1850 Cherokee County, Alabama census, Page 122 is found the following Ennis who could possibly be the oldest daughter of this couple.*

House 145
James Bill (?) age 31 Agriculture, Value 1,000 born in Alabama
Ann age 29 b. Alabama
Elizabeth age 8 b. Alabama
Sarah age 6 b. Alabama
William age 4 b. Alabama
Jasper N. age 3 b. Alabama
Elportina age 1 b. Alabama (female)
* Mary Ennis age 19 b. Alabama
Mary could have been working for the family and not related. I doubt that she was born in Alabama.

Giles Richard Ennis is not shown in the 1850 Census House of James Ennis; however, descendants think he is the son of this family.

More About JAMES ENNIS and NANCY: Marriage: Abt. 1829, South Carolina Children of JAMES ENNIS and NANCY are: i. CECILIA3 ENNIS, b. 1831. ii. EMILY ENNIS, b. 1835. iii. REDNICK ENNIS, b. Abt. 1838. 10. iv. GILES RICHARD ENNIS, b. September 1841, Cherokee County, Alabama; d. August 23, 1909, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. v. CLARY ENNIS, b. 1842. vi. JAMES ENNIS, b. 1844. vii. MARTHA ENNIS, b. 1846. Generation No. 3 5. GEORGE W.3 ENNIS (ARTHUR2, JESSE1) was born Abt. 1816 in S.C.. He married MARIAH CHAMPION Abt. 1837 in Georgia. Notes for GEORGE W. ENNIS: The following names appear in the Cemetery Book of Russell County, Alabama and are believed to be related to this family. James B. was probably a grandson.

Girard Cemetery, Phenix City, Alabama
James B. Ennis b. 1887 d. 20 May 1930, 43 years
Lily Pearl Ennis, b. 1887 d. 1 Jan. 1968, 81 years
She was probably the wife of James B.

Mariah was the daughter of George and Mary Champion. More About GEORGE ENNIS and MARIAH CHAMPION: Marriage: Abt. 1837, Georgia Children of GEORGE ENNIS and MARIAH CHAMPION are: i. ELIZABETH4 ENNIS, b. Abt. 1838, Georgia. ii. GEORGE ENNIS, JR., b. Abt. 1839. iii. MARTHA ENNIS, b. Abt. 1837. iv. ARTHUR ENNIS, b. Abt. 1845. v. JAMES ENNIS, b. Abt. 1846. vi. CORDELIA BRAMY ENNIS, b. Abt. 1848. vii. ELIZABETH ENNIS. viii. GEORGE ENNIS, JR.. ix. MARTHA ENNIS. x. ARTHUR ENNIS. xi. JAMES ENNIS. xii. CORDELIA BRAMY ENNIS. 6. MARY3 ENNIS (ARTHUR2, JESSE1) was born 1794 in Probably North Carolina. She married HUGH WHITE. Notes for MARY ENNIS: 1850 Marion County, Georgia, census (page 294) shows children Elizabeth, age 14; Thomas, age 11; and Hugh, age 9. These could be grandchildren. 1860 Chambers County, AL, census (page 745) shows a Hugh White, age 18, living with Arthur Ennis II. Child of MARY ENNIS and HUGH WHITE is: i. HUGH4 WHITE, JR., b. 1844. 7. BENJAMIN3 ENNIS (ARTHUR2, JESSE1) was born 1805 in South Carolina, and died in Blount County, Alabama. He married ELSIE T. WEAVER Abt. 1820 in South Carolina, daughter of RALEIGH WEAVER and THEODOSCIA MIDDLETON. She was born Abt. 1807 in South Carolina. Notes for BENJAMIN ENNIS: Benjamin and Elsie Weaver Ennis are found on the 1850 Bount County, Alabama census, Page 107. He married Alsie (or Elsie) T. Weaver daughter of Raleigh Weaver and Theodoscia Middleton.

Notes for ELSIE T. WEAVER: Elsie or Alsie was the daughter of Raleigh Weaver and Theodosia Middleton. She and Nancy may have been twins since they were born the same year, one day apart. George and Alsie lived in the viciniy of Buena Vista, Georgia during the Civil War. Their son Arthur Ennis was killed in the war between the state at age 18. More About BENJAMIN ENNIS and ELSIE WEAVER: Marriage: Abt. 1820, South Carolina Children of BENJAMIN ENNIS and ELSIE WEAVER are: i. THOMAS J.4 ENNIS, b. Abt. 1826, South Carolina. ii. SARAH ENNIS, b. December 1829, South Carolina; d. Lawrence County, Alabama; m. ELISHA B. GRAY, December 31, Pike County, GA; b. November 12, 1827, Anderson County, SC. More About ELISHA GRAY and SARAH ENNIS: Marriage: December 31, Pike County, GA iii. MARTHA ELIZABETH ENNIS, b. Abt. 1832, South Carolina; m. WILLIAM F. PRUITT, March 12, 1855, Blount County, Alabama; b. 1837, Alabama. More About WILLIAM PRUITT and MARTHA ENNIS: Marriage: March 12, 1855, Blount County, Alabama iv. JOHN ENNIS, b. Abt. 1833, South Carolina; m. FRANCES JANE WICKS, October 27, 1857, Marshall County, Alabama. More About JOHN ENNIS and FRANCES WICKS: Marriage: October 27, 1857, Marshall County, Alabama v. JAMES W. ENNIS, b. Abt. 1834, South Carolina; d. Bef. 1880; m. ELIZABETH FRANCES HOLCOMB, April 01, 1866, Alabama; b. 1850, Georgia. More About JAMES ENNIS and ELIZABETH HOLCOMB: Marriage: April 01, 1866, Alabama vi. EMILY BAY T. ENNIS, b. Abt. 1840, Georgia. vii. BENJAMIN ARTHUR ENNIS, b. Abt. 1842, Georgia. viii. WILLIAM HARRISON ENNIS, b. January 06, 1842, Georgia; d. Oklahoma; m. MARTHA SARAH MOONEY; b. May 1848, Alabama; d. 1911, Oklahoma. 8. ARTHUR3 ENNIS II (ARTHUR2, JESSE1) was born November 26, 1806 in Lancaster County, South Carolina, and died February 02, 1891 in Chambers County, Alabama. He married (1) NANCY B. WEAVER September 30, 1824 in South Carolina, daughter of RALEIGH WEAVER and THEODOSCIA MIDDLETON. She was born March 05, 1808 in Ohio or Penn., and died April 21, 1859 in Chambers County, Alabama. He married (2) ELIZABETH BEARD November 12, 1861 in Chambers County, Alabama, daughter of GEORGE BEARD and NANCY BOLES. She was born 1842 in Georgia. Notes for ARTHUR ENNIS II: Arthur Ennis and his children are found on the 1860 Chambers County, Alabama census as follows:
Page 745
House 209
Arthur Ennis, age 54, Farmer, Value 400, and 200 born in South Carolina
Elizabeth, age 20, born in Georgia
Mary F., age 18, born in Georgia
Nancy, age 16, born in Georgia
Benjamin, age 14, born in Georgia
Hugh Wite, age 18, born in South Carolina
Please note Arthur's wife was not listed.

Source of most information for this family came from Bible that is in possession of Jean Ennis of Lanett, Alabama. Most of the children of Arthur were born in Harris County, Georgia which is just a few miles from Chambers County, Georgia. Arthur and his family were found on the 1850 Chambers County, Alabama census on Page 315 Arthur is found on the 1870 Chambers County, Alabama census beat No. 5. with wife Elizabeth, age 53, Mary F. age 35, daughter and Nancy age 27 b. Georgia Arthur is found on the 1880 Chamber County census page 42. His age is shown as 74. Elizabeth is shown as being 68. In the same house are Mary Farley, age 85 and Elizabeth Coggin age 24. Census states that Elizabeth was a Laborer and that Mary was Grandmother ? . This census states that Arthur's father was born in South Carolina and his mother in Virginia.

Arthur made the supreme sacrifice for the Confederacy. Your compiler has found no record that he owned slaves but the war was about more than just slavery. It was about State Rights and the unfairness of the way the South was being treated through taxation and tariffs. It should never have happened and your Compiler gets angry and sad (has shed a few tears) just thinking about it and the effect it had on all her ancestors. Arthur had four sons to go to War. Two were killed, two returned to live with the horrible memories of battle and the Yankee prison not to mention the poverty conditions that existed for the next forty or more years. Your Compiler's ancestor was his son William B.P.Ennis who was captured and lived to tell horrible stories of the Yankee prison camp he was in near Chicago, Ill. (Camp Douglas). As the father of twelve children Arthur experienced many happy beautiful moments. Surely there was much love and laughter in the Ennis house. God's love saw him through it all and he never lost his faith. He lived to the ripe old age of 85. More About ARTHUR ENNIS II: Burial: Macedonia Baptist Cemetery, Lafayette, Alabama
Fact 1: Buried at Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Lafayette, Alabama
Fact 2: 1840, Was found of the Harris County, Georgia, census
Fact 3: Bef. 1850, Moved to Chambers County, Alabama

Burial: Macedonia Baptist Cemetery, Lafayette, Alabama
Fact 1: Buried at Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Lafayette, Alabama

More About ARTHUR ENNIS and NANCY WEAVER: Marriage: September 30, 1824, South Carolina Notes for ELIZABETH BEARD: It is reported when Arthur married Elizabeth Beard/Baird, an Indian herbalist who rode around Chambers County, Alabama, with a doctor dispensing herbs, Arthur's whole family disapproved of the marriage and Martha Jane, his oldest daughter, either returned to South Carolina or moved to Florida. Elizabeth was the daughter of George Beard and Nancy Boles. More About ARTHUR ENNIS and ELIZABETH BEARD: Marriage: November 12, 1861, Chambers County, Alabama Children of ARTHUR ENNIS and NANCY WEAVER are: i. MARTHA JANE4 ENNIS, b. December 31, 1825, probably Lancaster District, South Carolina; d. October 16, 1896; m. THOMAS BAKER, November 21, 1859, Chambers County, Alabama. More About THOMAS BAKER and MARTHA ENNIS: Marriage: November 21, 1859, Chambers County, Alabama ii. JOHN MARION ENNIS, b. July 04, 1829, South Carolina; d. July 20, 1901, Elmore County, Alabama; m. IRENA MARGARETTA ELIZABETH COOPER, June 26, 1851, Chambers County, Alabama; b. 1832, South Carolina. Notes for JOHN MARION ENNIS: Marion Ennis is found on 1850 Chambers County, Alabama census, page 307 as follows:

House 593 McClellan Ratchford age 26 Farmer value 1600 born Georgia
Margaret A. age 21
Wiliam M. age 3
Sarah age 1
Marion Ennis age 20 Farmer born Georgia

Note; It is possible that Margaret A. was a daughter of David Ennis. She could not be showing in 1850 in her father's house if she had already married Ratchford McClellan. John Marion served in the Civil War as a Hospital Corpman in the 47th Alabama
Inf. . His grave has been marked by the UDC. it is located at Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church, Elmore County, Alabama

He and his family (or part of it) are shown on the 1880 Elmore, Alabama census (Colemans Dist), page 24C as follows: John M. Ennis Farmer Age 51 b. South Carolina parents b. South Carolina
Margaret E. Ennis Wife Age 48 b. South Carolina
Ella Ennis Daughter Age 18 b. Alabama
George W. Ennis Son Age 21 b. Alabama
Robert Lee Ennis Son Age 12 b. Alabama

This couple probably had one or more children already married and out of the house.

More About JOHN MARION ENNIS: Burial: July 23, 1901, Mt. Gilead Prim. Baptist Church, Elmore County, Alabama Fact 1: Buried at Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church, Elmore County, Alabama
Fact 2: CSA, 47th Alabama Infantry, Company I(Hospital Corpsman)

More About JOHN ENNIS and IRENA COOPER: Marriage: June 26, 1851, Chambers County, Alabama Marriage license: Page 418, Book 4, Chambers County Courthouse iii. JAMES W. ENNIS, b. February 16, 1833; d. September 17, 1862, Sharpsburg, MD. Notes for JAMES W. ENNIS: He enlisted July 1, 1861 in Company E, 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Company E was known as "Gilmore Greys". He served as Company Cook. He was 29 years old, dark hair, dark eyes and dark complexion. The information on the Muster Roll shows he was killed in action at Sharpesburg, Md., September 17, 1862. The memorial marker placed in Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama shows date of death as September 7, 1863. He never married. This marker was placed there by Jean Ennis and her Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. iv. ODIE ELIZABETH ENNIS, b. April 16, 1835; d. August 06, 1916, Tallapoosa County, AL; m. WILLIAM JACKSON ROBERTSON. More About ODIE ELIZABETH ENNIS: Fact 1: Married first cousin. Fact 2: Buried at Pace Cemetery, Tallapoosa County, AL More About WILLIAM JACKSON ROBERTSON: Fact 1: Buried in Pace Cemetery, Tallapoosa County, AL v. MARY FRANCES ENNIS, b. May 06, 1837, Georgia; d. March 16, 1903; m. WILLIAM LOGAN DAUGHTERY, May 20, 1879, Chambers County, Alabama; d. December 19, 1901. More About MARY FRANCES ENNIS: Fact 1: Buried in unmarked grave at Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama

More About WILLIAM DAUGHTERY and MARY ENNIS: Marriage: May 20, 1879, Chambers County, Alabama vi. WILLIAM PINKNEY ENNIS, b. February 24, 1839, Harris County, Georgia; d. June 11, 1910, Chambers County, Alabama; m. (1) ANGELINE YARBROUGH, September 27, 1859, Chambers County, Alabama; b. 1838, Chambers County, Alabama; d. Bef. 1876, Chambers County, Alabama; m. (2) JANE BROUGHTON OLIVER, December 21, 1876, Chambers County, Alabama; b. December 12, 1853, Troup County, GA; d. July 10, 1914, Muscogee County, Columbus, Georgia. Notes for WILLIAM PINKNEY ENNIS: BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM PINKNEY ENNIS, CSA OF CHAMBERS COUNTY, ALABAMA BY: Virginia Bell Clements Tuttle, his great granddaughter, Kennesaw Chapter 241 UDC William Pinkney Ennis, born February 24, 1839 moved to Georgia from Lancaster County, S. C. His parents moved when he was quite small to Chambers County, Alabama. William was 22 years of age when the war between the states started and he enlisted. He was already married with one child and another one on the way. He and three of his brothers heeded the call to "arms" and to defend their Southern Homeland with promises that the war would be over in a few months. How sad this must have been for the Ennis family to have all four grown sons go off to war. Two of William's brothers did not live to return. One other like himself returned to find his people suffering from poverty and a lack of means to provide for themselves. The slaves had been freed, the men had gone to war and were not home to plant the gardens and money crops. The majority of the people were farmers during the mid to late 1800's. The women and children worked the fields and gardens as best they could with the help of the older men. The court records and census reports indicate that the Ennis family in Chambers County was not a wealthy family prior to the war. They were not large land owners with slaves but were probably living comfortably. William's wife Angeline Yarbrough's parents were large land owners with slaves. The Muster Record of William Pinkney Ennis tells us however that he was a "waggoner" in th 47th Infantry, Company I of Alabama. William enlisted as a Private on April 18, 1862 at Loachapoka, Alabama (about 30 miles from his home). The 47th Infantry was made up largely of men from Chambers and Tallapoosa County. It had one company each from Coosa and Cherokee County. The regiment moved quickly from Loachapoka to Stonewall Jackson's Corps in Virginia. This unit fought largely with the Northern Army of Virginia until after Gettysburg, it was with Lonstreet at Chicamauga but rejoined the Northern Army of Virginia for the rest of the war. The day after Antietam in Maryland in the early fall of 1862 it could muster only 17 men of the 115 with which it entered the fighting with. Except for the battle of Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862, which it watched, it seemed to have always been in the thickest of the fighting. The Muster Rolls show that William Pinkney Ennis was at Cedar Run on August 9, 1862 and in General Hospital No. 2 in Richmond, Virginia on September 30, 1862. He was captured at Chicamauga on September 19, 1963 and received as POW at Camp Douglas, Ill. on October 4, 1963. He was discharged from Camp Douglas on June 13, 1865. He walked back to Lanett, Alabama with only the clothes on his back. He begged food along the way and ate what he could from fields, woods, and streams. He often walked with other released prisoners. No food was provided by Prison Guards or Officials since they were more concerned with feeding their own men than their enemy, the Southern Rebels. His tales of the Prison Camp at Camp Douglas were of bitterly cold winters with very little food and no medical attention. Many died in the Camp. William's brother John Marion Ennis was also in the 47th Infantry. He was a Hospital Corpman during the War and lived to return home. He was born July 4, 1829 S.C. and died July 23, 1901 in Elmore County, Alabama. His grave in Elmore County has a Confederate Tombstone. Confederate Memorial Markers have been placed in Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama to honor William and his the two brothers who did not return. One brother was James W. Ennis, b. February 16, 1833 Georgia, died September 17, 1862 at Sharpesburg, Md. He is shown in records as a Cook. He was buried at Sharpesburg. The other brother was Benjamin Thomas Martin Ennis, born April 17, 1844, Harris County, Georgia died July 26, 1863. He was wounded at Gettysburg, Penn. and died a few days later. He is buried in a mass grave at an old barn at Gettysburg. He was a Drummer Boy in Company E, 14th Infantry. He and his brother James were in the same Alabama Unit. What a joyous homecoming this must have been for William Ennis. He and his wife Angeline Yarbrough had the following six children before she died. Laura Ennis, b. 1860 married J. D.Sloan Elizabeth, b. 1862 (nothing else known) William Benjamin P. Ennis, b. January 11, 1863 married 1st Margaret Weldon, 2nd, Nancy Lavicie Wood, 3rd Lucy Lee Thomas James Jefferson Ennis, b. February 28, 1867 married 1st Della, 2nd Ella Viola Bailey, 3rd Ethel Seay Josephine Ennis, b. 1869 married William H. Smith Thomas Wilson Ennis, b. August 7, 1872 married 1st Claudia Banks, 2nd Marjorie Mae Foster After Angeline's death William remarried. He married Jane Broughton Oliver on December 21, 1876 in Chambers County and together they had six children. They are as follows Eula P. Ennis, b. June 1878 married J. W. Deloach Arthur Marion Ennis, b. July 31, 1880 married Jimmie Roe Lawrence Olen Leonard Ennis, b . July 1883 married Willie Sue Prince Loma Ennis, b. January 1886 married Jeffie Mathews Benjamin W. Ennis, b. March 1890 married Ora Lee Deloach Edna Bell Ennis, b. September 13, 1896 married Albert T. Logan William Ennis, father of 12 children died at the age of 71 at his home in Lanett, Alabama. Family legend says his health was never really good after the war. Source: Military Records, Family Bibles Census Records Cemetery Records Family Photos Court Marriage Records More About WILLIAM PINKNEY ENNIS: Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama Fact 1: Buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, AL More About WILLIAM ENNIS and ANGELINE YARBROUGH: Marriage: September 27, 1859, Chambers County, Alabama More About JANE BROUGHTON OLIVER: Fact 1: Buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, AL More About WILLIAM ENNIS and JANE OLIVER: Marriage: December 21, 1876, Chambers County, Alabama vii. NANCY ANNIE ENNIS, b. December 28, 1841, Georgia; d. June 30, 1915, Chambers County, Alabama; m. DALLAS CALDWELL, October 27, 1870, Chambers County, Alabama; b. May 18, 1848; d. September 09, 1901, Chambers County, Alabama. More About NANCY ANNIE ENNIS: Burial: Antioch Baptist Church, Lafayette, Alabama Fact 1: Buried at Antioch Baptist Church, Hwy. 50, Lafayette, Alabama
Notes for DALLAS CALDWELL: Nancy is found on the 1870 census taken in July before she married in October. Census says she was born in Georgia More About DALLAS CALDWELL and NANCY ENNIS: Marriage: October 27, 1870, Chambers County, Alabama viii. BENJAMIN THOMAS MARTIN ENNIS, b. April 17, 1844, Georgia; d. July 26, 1863, Gettysburg, PA. Notes for BENJAMIN THOMAS MARTIN ENNIS: He enlisted February 27, 1862, in Company E, 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Company E was known as "Gilmore Greys". He was 18 years old and served as drummer. It is said he was so small, the smallest uniform available had to be cut down to fit him. He was wounded May 3, 1863. He was wounded in the leg again on July 2, 1863, and captured at Gettysburg. The wound gangrened and he died from the infection. He is buried in a mass grave near a very large barn just outside of Gettysburg battlefield. Jean Ennis has ordered and placed three UDC markers in the Oakwood Cemetery in Lanett, Alabama in memory ot his brothers John Marion Ennis (killed), William B. Ennis who was captured but lived to a ripe old age), and Benjamin (who died at Gettysburgh). The fourth brother is buried in Elmore County, Alabama and has a UDC marker (Confederate Cross) on his grave. What a price that family paid. More About BENJAMIN THOMAS MARTIN ENNIS: Medical Information: Died of wounds received at Gettysburg, PA. 9. JAMES3 ENNIS (ARTHUR2, JESSE1) was born 1811 in South Carolina, and died in Muscogee County, Georgia. He married MARTHA Abt. 1835. Notes for JAMES ENNIS: This family was found on 1850 Muscogee County, Georgia census, page 307 J. Ennis is shown as a merchant with 1,000 value, born in South Carolina More About JAMES ENNIS and MARTHA: Marriage: Abt. 1835 Children of JAMES ENNIS and MARTHA are: i. MARY E.4 ENNIS, b. Abt. 1841. ii. ROBERT H. ENNIS, b. Abt. 1842. iii. SARAH ENNIS, b. Abt. 1845. iv. HENRY ENNIS, b. Abt. 1847. 10. GILES RICHARD3 ENNIS (JAMES2, JESSE1) was born September 1841 in Cherokee County, Alabama, and died August 23, 1909 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. He married MARY ELIZABETH STARLING 1865 in Cherokee County, Alabama. She was born May 1849 in Cherokee County, Alabama. More About GILES ENNIS and MARY STARLING: Marriage: 1865, Cherokee County, Alabama Children of GILES ENNIS and MARY STARLING are: i. UNKNOWN4 ENNIS. ii. ESTELLE F. ENNIS, b. 1867; m. PATILLO; b. Louisana. iii. WILLIAM HOUSTON ENNIS, b. July 20, 1868, Alabama; d. 1937, Georgia; m. JULIA KING. iv. DORA ENNIS, b. September 1876. v. PLUMA VIOLA ENNIS, b. October 1877. vi. CLYDE WALTER ENNIS, b. September 06, 1887, Coosa, Chatooga County, Georgia; d. September 09, 1951, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama; m. MARY NABB MOORE, February 05, 1910, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama; b. June 21, 1890, Bardstown, Nelson, Ky.; d. June 19, 1966, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. More About CLYDE ENNIS and MARY MOORE: Marriage: February 05, 1910, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama

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