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Mike, Lu, and Og
Mike, Lu, and Og

Mike, Lu, and Og is one of the newest Cartoon Cartoons. Mike is an exchange student from Manhatten, who ended up on a lost island. Lu is a princess, but she is too stubborn. She doesn't understand that a real princess is polite, something Lu is not. She has a bunch of different pet animals, but her favorite has got to be her turtle, Lancelot! Og is a genius kid, who wears a nose ring that seems to bother Mike. Mike, Lu, and Og are the only ones on the island!

Theme Song: Haven't figured out the lyrics yet!

Episode List:

Crash Lancelot (What A Cartoon)
Sultans of Swat | Tea for Three
The Tube | Roller Madness
Losing Lancelot | Buzz Cut
Elephant Walk | Palm Pet

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