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contributed by Naoma Dudley Slone

Charles Dudley - bom 21 Dec. 1750 as recorded in his Anglican Church Prayer Book and Psalm - place unknown.  Oral tradition suggest he migrated from London England as a teen aged boy, but there is no proof of this.

Charles first wife was Mary and his second wife Elizabeth.  Ms first child, Judith bom 1770 and his only son Robert bom 1772 were by his first wife Mary.  A daughter, Mary, bom 1808 and another daughter, Nancy, bom 1806 were by Ws second wife Elizabeth.  Nothing is known of the line of Judith or Mary.  Nancy married Thomas Moore and her descendants preserved the prayer book containing the vital dates of birth, - no deaths were recorded.

Our Dudley branch is descended from Charles son Robert, who married his cousin Clarissa Ross.  Robert told his children dw he was bom in Carolina County, Virginia.  We, therefore, know that his father, Charles, was in Virginia before migrating to Surry County N. Carolina and raised his family there.  Ms first N. Carolina land grant Warrant of survey is dated 21 Nov. 1777 in Surry Co. Three other grants, at various dates, were issued totaling about 1000 acres.
The Dudley families lived in Surry Co. N. Carolina until about 1828.  At that time the great westward movement had begun and free govenunent land was available for the asking.  Robert's three sons left Surry N. Carolina with the intent of moving westward into new territory.  Most of the daughters remained in Surry or migrated later as they married.

Robert and Clarissa had 10 living children: James Ransom, Mary, William Parhazn, Elizabeth, Nancy, Charles, Claeissa, Judith, Frances, and Celia.

James Ransom Dudley and William Parham Dudley came into Montgomery Co., Va. circa 1828-1829 and settled there due to the hardship of traveling with young children.  The youngest brother, Charles and wife Ann  continued to Indiana Territory  and are there
Recorded in the Monroe County Census  of 1850 with eight children .
Pulaski became a Virginia County in 1838 and was a part of the original Montgomery Co. These 2 counties contain many descendants of James R. and William P. Dudley today.  A part of William's family moved to TasweH Co. cira 1858 and descendants are to be found there and in Bluefield, W. Va.
James R.Dudley and wife Jane Mallory Lyon had the following  11 children : James Lyon, Charles Stewart, Lucy Ann, Elizabeth Ross,Lavalett,Matilda Jane, Louenuna, William Robert, Eliza Hoge, Matthew Houston, and Edward Paxton.

William P. Dudley and wife Mary Stephens Deatherage had the following 14 children : Jonathan Allen m.

Rachel Steele, Hugh Deatherage m. Mary Jane Shufflebarger, Warhmn Stephens m. Virginia

Shufflebarger, Nancy Smith m. Pleasant Meade Sturdivant, Elizabeth Jane m. David W. Shufflebarger,

Robert Achilles m. Cynthia Shufflebarger, Clarissa Ross died s.p.n., Mary Boyd m. William Perry,

William Hardin died s.p.n., Ransom Stillender m. Molly Arthur, Charles Franklin m. Nancy Haven

Anderson, James Craig m. Mu-ah Louisa Taybor, Andrew Jackson m. America Elizabeth Wolf, Celia

Virginia m. Charles Wesley Butt.

Most of the families involved in the Shufflebarger / Dudley Gathering are descendants from Warharn Stephens Dudley and Nancy Smith Dudley Sturdivant.  Descendants of the other Dudleyfamilies are welcome to become involved.


Research indicates that the Schauflebergers were connected to families in Canton Bem, Canton Zurich, Wald, Schaufleberg, and Baretsville in Switzeiland.  Members of the Schaufelberger family were associated with Hans Casper (1607-1658), Captain of Zurich Calvery, ten years in the service of Gustav Adolf, including a part of the 30 Years War.  Schufelbergers, being expert horsemen, had trained a horse calvery (the first ever) for Gustav.  They went into war with him against Germany, in the name of Church reform.
They traveled down the Rhine River into Germany.  Gustav won the war but lost his life not knowing he had won.  Our people elected to stay in Germany hoping to be less persecuted there for their religious beliefs.

Johann Jacob Schaufelberger was bom in Germany and was married to Elizabetha.  Johann (Hans) Phillip was bom November 24, 1682.  Other children were Sabina Barbara (b. 1686 - married David Freytag), and Magaret ( married Funk).  Phillip and wife Ann Margaretha had a daughter Anna Elizabeth (b.28 March 1730) who was married to Martin Shriner.

Johann Phillip left Germany and Rotterdam, Holland on the ship "James Goodwill" and arrived in Philadelphia in 1727.  He was in a party of 5 which included, probably, wife Anna Margareta and son Jacob.  Phillip died at the age of 76 on 15 September 1759 in the area of Manhime Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Elias Schaufelberger, son of Jacob, was bom 2 February 1762 'ui Adams/York County Pennsylvania, He died in 1826 in Montgomery Co. , Va.

The Jacob and Elias of Pennsylvania origin are undoubtedly the ones who settled in
Newbem/Dublin, Virginia. their route from Pennsylvania to Montgomery County was directly down the Valley of Virginia with possible stops in Winchester in Fredrick Co. and perhaps Fincastle.  Their move
Was arranged to attrack little attention.. This was during the time just prior to the Revolutionary war,
Indian unrest was possible.  The Schaufelbergers settled in the area of Sinking Springs and Walker Creek in Montgomery Co. , now Pulaski Co.

The name Shufflebarger appears under several spellings.  They apparently could not write English and their accent caused the English speaking people to write the name as they heard it.  The first 2 men mentioned in the New River area were father and son.  Jacob (died 1801) and Elias (1762-1826).  Elias had a brother, John (1784-1820) who settled on Back Creek and built a Mill.  Jacob first bought land in 1794, 120 acres located on Sinking Springs near Dublin.  In 1803 Elias obtained I 10 acres of adjoining property.  Jacob's wife was Margaret.  Elias married Mary Wizer (Wysor) ; they had at least 9 children.  His brother John had 7 children.  Elias and John are progenitors of most of the current Shufflebargers and Dudley families.

  Dates Locality Spouses
 Johann Jacob ? Germany Elizabetha
 Johann Phillip 1682-1759 Germany Anna Margareta
 Jacob 1801 Germany Margaret

 Elias 1762-1826 Pennsylvania Mary Wiser

children: Jacob, ffiram, Charles*, Isaac, Adam*, David, John*, Elias, Simon*

John                                        1764-1820           Virginia                Chriatiana Franklan
children: Abraham*, Isaac*, Jacob*, Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret, John Phillip probably moved to Indiana / 111. between 1808 and 1850)