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York Presbyterian Church

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York Presbyterian Church, Inc. is located in Sumter County, Alabama. It faces Main Street in downtown York. The church was founded on November 29, 1879, by Rev. Dr. Sanderson, Rev. C.M. Hutton, and Ruling Elder S.H. Sprott. Charter Members were as follows: Dr. J.F. Allison, Mrs. E.D. Wylie, Miss A.V. Allison, Mrs. Mary Allison, Mr. R.J. Barr, Mr. John Mawhiney, Mrs. Annie Mawhiney, Mrs. M.E. McConnell, Mrs. M.J. McConnell, Miss Jane Pickens, Mr. J.M. Peteet, Mr. Oliver Wylie, Mrs. Georgia Wylie, Mr. D.L. Barr, and Miss Tina Wilder.

At the time of this writing (fall 2010), the church has only about 6 active members left, and no pastor. They have recently voted to discontinue meeting on a regular basis.