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Woods-Cameron Family Cemetery -- Sumter County, AL

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Following is my listing of all graves in the Woods-Cameron Cemetery mentioned above, located in Sumter County. (Census taken April 10, 2007)

This cemetery is located about 5 miles south of York on Highway 17 at the intersection of Highway 80, at what is known as Scratch Hill. Going south from York, turn left onto the dirt road immediately before the turn-off for Highway 80. The cemetery sits immediately on the right on top of the little hill in the trees, surrounded by a chain link fence. There is no sign to identify the cemetery. It was on the old Preston and Lethye Woods Cameron family home place and contains graves of Cameron and Woods family members. The graves all face the direction of the gate.
Order of information: Row number, Grave number, Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Other info.
1, 1, Elisha Woods, 1-22-1833, 8-25-1898, husband of S.J. Woods, inside brick border with #2, "He died as he lived, trusting in God."
1, 2, Sarah J. Woods, 5-15-1848, 7/23/1914, wife of Elisha Woods, inside brick border with #1, "She has gone to her home in heaven. And all her afflictions are o'er."
1, 3, Gayle Byrd Weed. 10/17/1941. 5/1/2000, "Beloved wife and mother"
1, 4, P.L. (Preston) Cameron, 5-29-1881, 8/2/1925, "How desolate our home bereft of thee."
1, 5, Lethye Woods Cameron, 12-19-1881, 8/17/1973, "Sweetly sleeping"
1, 6, Leon Cameron, 2/1/1905, 5/25/1906, inscription fading away
1, 7, Juanita Cameron, 7/25/1909, 3/17/1976, "Sister", "Our loved one"
2, 8, Walter Dean Parry, 3/18/1908, 9/10/1965
2, 9, Charley F. Holcroft, 9-18-1874, 6/13/1958, dm with Minnie W. Holcroft
2, 10, Minnie W. Holcroft, 4-25-1879, 2/14/1968, dm with Charley F. Holcroft
3, 11, Captain Walter Gustavus Woods, 10/17/1916, 2/6/1985, Capt. U.S. Army World War II
4, 12, Eustace Rivers Woods, 9/7/1908, 2/13/1985, dm with # 13, T. Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps World War II
4, 13, ? (blank), -, -, dm with Eustace Rivers Woods
Since 1985, there has only been one burial there (Gayle Byrd Weed in May 2000).

You can also visit Find-a-Grave's page for the Woods-Cameron Cemetery at