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The name Price comes from the country of Wales. The name was begun in the 11th Century as Rhys, and from that went to Price. It has been spelled Rys, Rees, Reece, Aprese, Preece, Pryse, Pryce, and Price. The founder of the Price family was the Chieftan of North Wales in the 11th Century. The "p" comes from the slurring of "Ap", as in Ap Rhys. "Ap" is Welsh for "son of" and the equivalent of "Mc" or "O" in the Scotch or Irish. In Welsh, it is also "fixer of prices".

Descendants of Martin D. Price
Generation No. 1
1. MARTIN D.1 PRICE1 was born 02 Sep 1801 in Virginia1, and died 08 Mar 1883 in Mississippi1. He married ELVIRA LOVING1 27 Dec 1821 in Nelson County, Virginia1, daughter of JOSEPHUS LOVING and ROSE TALIAFERRO. She was born 1802 in Virginia1, and died Abt. 18401.
Notes for MARTIN D. PRICE: He moved to Tippah County, MS, about 1850. He is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Benton County, Mississippi. His tombstone reads "M.D. Price".
Notes for ELVIRA LOVING: She is thought to have died around 1840, and apparently died before 1880, as she is not listed in the household for the census. She is possibly buried in Hardeman County, Tennessee.
Children of MARTIN PRICE and ELVIRA LOVING are: i. ED2 PRICE1, b. 1820, Tennessee1.
ii. PRESTON PRICE1, b. Mar 1831, Tennessee1.
iii. LANDON PRICE1, b. 1834, Tennessee1.
2. iv. SARAH JANE PRICE, b. Jan 1836, Tennessee.
v. ELVIRA PRICE1, b. 1838, Tennessee1.
vi. MARY ANN PRICE1, b. 1843, Tennessee1.
Generation No. 2
2. SARAH JANE2 PRICE (MARTIN D.1)1 was born Jan 1836 in Tennessee1. She married ALFRED W. CAMPBELL1 03 Jan 1860 in Tippah County, Mississippi1, son of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL and UNKNOWN LOUVIN. He was born 27 Feb 1829 in Tennessee1, and died 26 Sep 1912 in Tippah County, Mississippi1. (SEE MY CAMPBELL LINK)
Notes for SARAH JANE PRICE: Buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Ashland, Tippah County, Mississippi.
Notes for ALFRED W. CAMPBELL: Buried in the Campbell Cemetery in the woods off Campbell Road near Walnut, MS. He was a farmer and a blacksmith.
i. SAMUEL "SAM" BRONSON3 CAMPBELL1, b. 1860, Mississippi1; d. 1959, Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi1; m. CORDELIA JANE "DELIA" BOOKER1, 27 Jul 1893, Benton County, Mississippi1; b. 1870; d. 1945.
iii. SUSAN CAMPBELL1, b. 1865.
iv. MARTIN A. CAMPBELL1, b. 1866; d. 1939, Arkansas??.
Notes for MARTIN A. CAMPBELL: Family members say he sang like a mockingbird. When the rest of the family was settling in Tennessee and Mississippi, Martin supposedly left home and headed to Arkansas. He was never heard from again by the rest of his family, but it is told that he began a family there and that we have many kin folk in Arkansas. It has also been said that the famous folk singer Glen Campbell may be directly descended from Martin, although this is not likely.
v. E.A. CAMPBELL1, b. Abt. 1869.
vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON CAMPBELL1, b. 29 Jul 18711; d. 21 Mar 1964, Tippah County, Mississippi1; m. ORA JANE RAY1, 27 Jul 1902, Benton County, Mississippi1; b. 16 Jun 1881; d. 07 Jan 1970, Tippah County, Mississippi1.
Notes for GEORGE WASHINGTON CAMPBELL: They are both buried in the Marlow Cemetery at Marlow Church of Christ just off Hwy. 72 near Walnut, Tippah County, Mississippi.