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Oxford Presbyterian Church & Cemetery

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The old Oxford Presbyterian Church and Cemetery are located in Sumter County, AL, near Cuba, and right on the AL/MS State line. As a matter of fact, the church was at one time located in Mississippi. It was founded by Rev. Isaac Hadden in 1840 with the following charter members: John Dove, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, Archibald McMillian, Mrs. Margaret McMillian, Malcom McDonald, Mrs. Sarah McDonald, Mrs. Mary McNeil, William New, Mrs. Lucinda New, Owen Pigford, Mrs. Sarah Pigford, Solomon Pigford, Mrs. Jerusha Pigford, Joseph Saunders, Mrs. Mary Ann Saunders, Norman Stewart, Mrs. Christian Stewart, and Harriet Verner.

Other stories indicate that the church was first organized about 1837 by Duncan A. Campbell of North Carolina. The deed for the church land was not donated until October 20, 1854, when Owen Pigford gave 2 acres to the church trustees. All the church records were burned in a fire on November 18, 1914.