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Descendants of William Anthony "W.A." Cardwell

Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM ANTHONY "W.A."1 CARDWELL1 was born 1827 in Virginia1, and died Aft. 1900. He married SARAH JANE USSERY1 12 Feb 1857 (SEE MY USSERY LINK) in Hardeman County, Tennessee1, daughter of WELCOME USSERY and HENRIETTA WEBB. She was born 1839 in Tennessee1.
Notes for WILLIAM ANTHONY "W.A." CARDWELL: W.A. was in Hardeman County, TN, at least by the 1860's. Land records show that in 1866, he sold 242 acres to Andrew Turner for $3,800. Witnesses were E. C. Turner, J. D. Bostick, and Jepe Franklin. He moved just across the state line to Tippah County, MS, before 1870. He was listed in Tippah County, MS, in 1870, but in Hardeman County, TN, in 1880 & 1890, and died after the 1900 census.
Children of WILLIAM CARDWELL and SARAH USSERY are: 2. i. CLARA BELL2 CARDWELL, b. 1857, Madison County, Tennessee; d. 1885.
ii. E.V. CARDWELL1, b. 1858, Tennessee1.
iii. PARA LEE CARDWELL1, b. 1860, Tennessee1.
3. iv. IDA E. CARDWELL, b. 1862, Madison County, Tennessee; d. 1950.
v. MACE CARDWELL1, b. 1867, Madison County, Tennessee1.
vi. EDGAR "ED" CARDWELL1, b. Jan 1869, Madison County, Tennessee1; m. MARGARET ROWLAND; b. May 1882, Mississippi. Notes for EDGAR "ED" CARDWELL: Information has been found that poses the possibility that Edgar and E.V. are actually the same person, but no proof has been found either way.
vii. OWEN CARDWELL1, b. 19 Nov 1876, Hardeman County, Tennessee; d. 28 Jul 1931, Hardeman County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 2
2. CLARA BELL2 CARDWELL (WILLIAM ANTHONY "W.A."1)1 was born 1857 in Madison County, Tennessee1, and died 18851. She married JOHN SMITH "SMITHY" RAY1 Dec 1878 (SEE MY RAY LINK.) in Hardeman County, Tennessee, son of SAMUEL RAY and ONEMIA ROGERS. He was born 1834 in Tennessee1.
Notes for CLARA BELL CARDWELL: Clara was only 28 when she died. Smithy then married Clara's sister Ida and had more children.
Notes for JOHN SMITH "SMITHY" RAY: After Clara Bell died, Smithy married her sister Ida and had 4 more children.
Children of CLARA CARDWELL and JOHN RAY are: i. INA REGINA3 RAY1, b. 12 Oct 1879, Tennessee; d. 25 Aug 19321; m. DOLPHUS RAY1. Notes for INA REGINA RAY: The McPeters Funeral Home records of Corinth (Alcorn County), MS, list her cause of death as "stuck nail in foot". She is buried in the Riggs Family Cemetery 7 miles Southwest of Middleton, TN, in Hardin County. I had been told that her husband's name was Dolphus, but her funeral home record gives her husband as Thomas A. Ray. I'm assuming his name to have been Thomas Adolphus Ray (Dolphus for short).
ii. ORA JANE RAY1, b. 16 Jun 18811; d. 07 Jan 1970, Tippah County, Mississippi1; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON CAMPBELL1, 27 Jul 1902, (SEE MY CAMPBELL LINK) in Benton County, Mississippi1; b. 29 Jul 18711; d. 21 Mar 1964, Tippah County, Mississippi1. Notes for ORA JANE RAY: She is buried in the Marlow Cemetery, Walnut, Mississippi. Not only was Ma Ora's middle name Jane, BUT . . . Of her 21 grandchildren, the oldest, the middle one, and the youngest one, AND the oldest great-grandchild ALL have the middle name Jane.
Notes for GEORGE WASHINGTON CAMPBELL: "Pa George". He played the accordian. Buried in the Marlow Cemetery at Marlow Church of Christ just off Hwy. 72 near Walnut, Tippah County, Mississippi. The 1900 census lists George's parents as Alpherd W. and Sarah Campbell.
iv. ELI RAY1.
3. IDA E.2 CARDWELL (WILLIAM ANTHONY "W.A."1)1 was born 1862 in Madison County, Tennessee1, and died 19501. She married JOHN SMITH "SMITHY" RAY1 04 Aug 1887 in Hardeman County, Tennessee1, son of SAMUEL RAY and ONEMIA ROGERS. He was born 1834 in Tennessee1.
Notes for JOHN SMITH "SMITHY" RAY: After Clara Bell died, Smithy married her sister Ida and had 4 more children.
Children of IDA CARDWELL and JOHN RAY are: i. BERTHA "BERTHIE" LEE3 RAY1, b. 18911; d. 19591; m. ANDREW ARCHIE LUNA1; b. 30 Dec 1880, Benton County, Mississippi1; d. 11 Feb 19491.
ii. LILLIAN M. RAY1, b. 23 May 18981; d. 26 Apr 19751; m. LUTHER MATTHEWS1.
iii. EVIE RAY1, m. GEORGE A. DELK1, 24 Dec 1922, Tippah County, Mississippi1.
iv. SHUMWAY RAY1, b. 20 Mar 1902, Tennessee1; m. LORENE PITTS1.

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