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Cameron Cemetery -- Greene County, AL

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My Cameron family -- Sumter and Greene County, AL

The old Cameron family cemetery is on the family's old home place. There are no longer any of the old homes, etc., there, and it is almost impossible to find the cemetery unless you know exactly where you are going. I was able to find the gentleman who now owns the land (and most of that around it). Trey Montgomery and his wife own and run Leavellwood, which is a very nice (and very large) hunting and fishing estate in the Old Mt. Hebron / Old West Greene area of Greene County. Trey was nice enough to give me directions and let me find the cemetery on my own. After driving through a couple of pastures, crossing a very wide stream, and rounding several ponds, I discovered I was in the wrong place. I did get a few stares from some cows, some extremely large birds of some type, and a remarkably fast turtle. Taking Alabama Highway 39 from Sumter County and then the road on up to West Greene (not quite to the " T " in the road where you see the post office / fire dept. on road 117) there is a large black wrought iron gate and gravel driveway on the left. I was told this is known as Brentwood, but I found no sign. Following this gravel driveway up the little hill past a mobile home and to a fence by a barn and gate, I entered the pasture, being sure to close the gate, because the cows were all around me. There is a very narrow road that forks directly behind the barn and leads through the pasture. I inadvertantly took the right fork and did all the exploring I mentioned, going through another gate or two. If you take the left fork instead and follow the little road right against the fence beside the pasture to another gate, enter this gate and look directly to the left. There, back off this little grass road/path, on a little hill inside a fence and in a grove of trees, is the old cemetery. I was very careful to watch for snakes, and I'm quite sure I heard a hiss and rattle just beyond the fence in the trees, so I didn't tarry after I took my notes and pictures of each grave. The folks who own the place are to be commended for caring for the cemetery. The gate is latched to keep out nosey hunters or whomever, and I'm sure this has prevented vandalism. The markers that are broken are neatly stacked on top of the marker bases on the correct graves. There are 22 marked graves there, and I've accounted for most of them in the family. There could be others, of course.