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This the story of creation,
Done in praise of our wondrous God.
To tell how He made earth and heaven,
And all living matter thereof.

How He took only six days to do this,
How on the seventh He stopped and found rest.
How His conception was brought to perfection,
With a magnificent, blest manifest,

How He fashioned a man and a woman,
And formed them as if out of clay.
How He molded them in His own image,
And planned they would stay that same way.

How He conceived and constructed a garden,
An Eden of pure paradise.
How He loved man and woman so greatly,  
He gave Eden to them...with advice.

How, in temptation, they chose not to listen,
How they near broke God's heart with their sin.
But, how He, with His infinite wisdom,
Formed a new plan for man to love Him. 

So selfless - so awesome - this God,
How He gave up His own precious Son.
With His plan to save man, in spite of man's self,
Oh! Praise God - man's Salvation is won!

 How this story is old - as old as our God,
And yet, each day it's brand new.
How, with each morning sun, God creates again,
And His love for mankind is renewed.
by Ginny Ellis 1999

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Picture by Pat Marvenko Smith
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