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- (Jan 15, 2000) Bad news. My computer crashed and I might have lost my Alone in the Night plotlines. Pray that I can find my hard copies of it. On another note, I'm going to redesign the site and may setup the site at a smaller URL.


- (Dec 4, 1999) For those of you waiting patiently, episode 7 is finally up! There were problems from here to hell with it, but it's finally up! Episode 8 is on it's way to completion. It will be a 2 parter, and some of the biggest secrets in the series will be revealed!


- (Nov 13, 1999) Long time no update? Sorry about that. I've been very busy with many things and I needed a bit of a break. Sorry for any inconvinience! On a brighter note I'm going to tell you something that may make you happy! The next episode (yes I'm writting it) will reveal something very major. What is it? The seal in the Engine room will be openned and what's in there will be revealed! Stay tuned!


- (Oct 29, 1999) Episode 6 is now up! And I'm just going to spill one thing. If you want to know what is REALLY going on, wait until episode 8/9! I hope you enjoy the suprises that are coming!


- (Oct 19, 1999) Episode 5 is finally up! My edditor was extremely busy with writting articles and conducting interviews to actually get around to anything. Thank you all for your patience!


- (Oct 17, 1999) It's been a week since I last updated. Feels like an eternity! I've been quite busy in the babylon 5 CGI field the past couple of days. I've made a new web page devoted to my CGI! Checki it out on the Links section!


- (Oct 10, 1999) The pic for episode 4 is now up! Also, a pic of me is up on the authors page! Note that I usually do not sport braids!


- (Oct 8, 1999) Episode 4 is now copleted! To see it, just go to the episodes button and click on season 1 on the sideways sword, not the vertical! I'll get this fixed.


- (Oct 7, 1999) I've won 2 awards! Also added 2 new links! check them out on my awards page and links page respectively!

-(Oct 7, 1999) "And so it begins..." Started modifications to my site! A few more changes in design too come...

-(Oct 7, 1999) I've finally finished Episode 4! This one was a pain in the butt to write!


-(Oct 4, 1999) The FYI section is starting to take shape! I hav the Grey Star specs up in case you want to take a look!


-(Oct 3, 1999) I have the pictures up for episode 2 and 3!

-(Oct 3, 1999) I may just be a workaholic, but Episode 3 is now up! It's called The Path of Fire.


-(Sept 30, 1999) Episode 2 is now up! An intresting read I think. (Written by Danny Santos, editted by R.A. Carrier)


-(Sept 29, 1999) I've joined the science fiction creators webring! (Just trying to promote my site as much as possible)

-(Sept 29, 1999) I've just finished putting up a message board called the Grey Star Mail Room. So leave your messages!


-(Sept 28, 1999) I have finished episode 2 and am currently having it editted by RA!

-(Sept 28, 1999) I have been in contact with a fan of Babylon 5 (and Alone in the Night) named RA Carrier who is a journalist and has worked as an editor. She has agreed to help in the editting department. I believe she should improve the writting and story quality. Thanks again!

-(Sept 28, 1999) Episode 2 is 3/4 written. It will be editted (Something severly lacking from episode 1) and will be called "the Monolyths". So keep checking back often to catch it!


-(Sept 23, 1999) I'm putting up a news (right here!) section, an FYI section with information about the Grey Star, its crew and anything else about it, an episodes section (this is already up but it'll go under a few modifications), and a links section which will link you to other babylon 5/crusade fan fic sites.

-(Sept 23, 1999) Episode 1 has been completed I still have to fix some mistakes though)! Check it out in the episodes section!

-(Sept 23, 1999) If you haven't already read it, the prologue is a good place to start.


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