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To skate. Some say that we damage propery. Others say we should just be outlawed. Then theirs the few other skateboarders who hate us and think we should just f*ck off. Well I say...uh way. Skating is like a relationship with a hot girl. It may start off hard, but after perserverince you may get "somewhere". After practicing forever you fall in love and never want to quit. But unlike a women no one I know has ever dumped it. I will skate not for my dad, not to be cool, not to impress some company, but for myself and to show all the skateboarders out there and all the naive people out there who think bladin sucks and is way too easy how truly hard this sport is and that you have to be one helluva an athlete to do it. -Savage,

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March 6, 2001DAMN!! it's been a long time since this page has been updated and I guess alot of you still love it for what it is. I think I'm gonna start doing some more updates, and maybe adding some slick frames to the page so it's easier to go from one page of this webpage to another. Keep skatin guys! Oh yea, in Calgary Millenium eventually did open, a bit isn't all finished yet, and a new indoor skatepark opened awhile back called the 403, in SW Calgary I think it is, it's pretty damn slick.
September 16So I just realized that people are still coming to my webpage daily. Right now with Highschool Football, Hockey and life I can't update that much anymore. Also it seems some of my pics I uploaded are gone so a few pics are just broken links now. I made this webpage about a year ago so alot can be updated, but I'm too busy. If you're interested in helping out this webpage and keep updatign it send me an email or something. later peeps keep skating!
November 4A new section is up that just has to do with the upcoming huge skatepark being built in Calgary. It's the bigfgest IN western Canada but it aint built yet.
November 2Ok I got about 5 pics of me skatin up in the pics section. aint alot but better than nuttin. so check me out and tell me what ya think.
October 25Aright about 6 new mp3's that work! are up, hell it's only Serial Joe so no biggy, but in awhile alot more songs are gonna be up.
September 23ABout 3 new MP3's up from my personal collection. All of ICP, the first ever released ICP song (Dog Beats) a song that was never released (Willy Bubba) and a song form The Amazing Jeckle Bros. (Nothing's Left)
September 12Jeremy from the 401 Crew of Lethbridge put in an article on how he almost got shot on the West Coast by some damn skateboarders.
August 23If you haven't clicked on the banner before this page go back and scroll down to teh banners. click earn and sign up your webpage so you can make alotta money. so click it an make money!
August 22Sign my damn guestbook yall. And tell me what the hell ya want and it's yours.
August 21updated a bit on the "About Me" section, and a bit of new news around here
August 19, 99 32 new MP3's, 2 new articles, and some problems are fixed.

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