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The Underground©2000

Private Room / New Room

No swearing, obscenities, or vulgarities.

No advertising of channels or Mass Invites. Example: go to #roomname, advertising will not be tolerated!

No autogreets on join or exit or invites.

English language only, take other languages to private chats or channels.

No over usage of CAPS, Caps are considered as Yelling and or Rude!!!

No harassing of the OPs, these are the people in blue with the @ by their names.

No rudeness toward other users or obnoxious behavior.

No rudeness about a user's ethnic, morals, or religious beliefs.

No remarks about a user's sexual preferences.

Do not ask or beg for OPs.. We do the choosing!!!

No sexually explicit or obscene nicks.

No Flooding with text, action, ASCII characters, or ASCII art flooding! This results in a kick/ban.


So no one uses your nick name type /nickserv register PassWord E-mail, write your password down for further use!

To identify your nick name, which is needed after registering type /nickserv identify PassWord.

Do NOT give out your PassWord to anyone.

To set kill on your nick name so people will be turned into "guests" in the 60 seconds they do not put the correct PassWord in. *Remember* Everytime you change your nick name you will have to identify your nick.

Lets say you log on and someone is using your nick name, to dissconnect that person type /nickserv ghost nickname PassWord. They will be dissconnected and you can take your name back :)