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Welcome, warrior, to the official headquarters of the most venomous klan in the world, the Pit Vipers. We accept only the best of the best, and, if you think you qualify for the best, then join the klan to find out if your thinking was correct. However, the moment you are accepted, you will have signed a contract upon your life. Be very aware!

Thanksgiving Day Bloodbath Voting


  • 11-18: Finally posted the All Hallow's Eve Massakre Results, placed in the Tournament Results section. One match, Edge vs. Mystic, has not been finished, but the winner is Edge. The one responsible for doing this match has not had the time nor the resources to finish it, and thus, the fourth match is not there, but the winner is Edge. Thanks to Blade, Ermaxtla, Loa Shawn, and Thunderblood for their help.

  • 11-15: Put up Thanksgiving Day Bloodbath Voting, above. Please vote.

  • 11-6: Added The Unknown's fic, "War of Sin", to the, uh...Fan Fiction page. I'll get the Massakre results posted by tomorrow, if the guy who is supposed to help actually delivers... If not, I'll get them done myself, and have them up by Friday. Anyway, go read The Unknown's story, it's a good one.