Name: Mr MK

Appearance: a black Ninja, with a flame dagger hanging down his right leg, a fire boken on his back and fire flaming around the left hand.

E-mail: (pic/character mr mk)

alliance: the "Brotherhood"

Weapon: Flame Dagger: A Dagger made of a 100% fire, hard as steel and hot as hell.

Special Moves:

Flame hand attack: Mr MKs left hand flames up, he then shoots a burst of fire towards his opponent, the burst is concentrated, 20 centimetres in diameter, and has a long range. If the opponent would be able to see the burst coming towards him, he will see that the front is shaped like a fist with the middle finger stretched and pointing up.

Fire boken combo: Mr MK grabs the fire boken on his back, thrusts it into the opponents stomach, making him loose his breath. Then he swings the boken towards the right side of the opponents neck, hitting a bundle of nerves. Then he swings the boken towards the left side of the opponents neck, hitting a bundle of nerves, he then grabs the boken at both ends thrusting the middle at the opponents nose, breaking it. If the opponent is a man he ends it by swinging the boken down and then up the between opponents legs, and Mr MK screams "sweet sound of cracking balls".

Hell fire: Mr MK puts his hand oh the ground, fire comes up around his hand, slowley expands to the ground. The fires movement accelerates and within 13 seconds everything within ten meters is on fire, gras, trees, dirt, rock, everything. Mr MK takes his hand of the ground and stands up, Mr MK looks at his opponent who is tumbling around trying to avoid the fire, Mr MK laughs insanely and the fire disappears from the hand, but the fire doesn't stop, not until 1 minute has gone, until then...Mr MK has a big advantage against his opponent.

Weapon Special Move: Dagger roll: Mr MK takes the dagger in his right hand, and in one swift motion he jumps forward, stretches out in the air, lands, makes roll forward, apparently missing his opponent passing him on his left side, well behind his opponent he gets up on his feets and hangs the bloody dagger on his belt, the opponent looks down at his leg witch has a deep cut in it, blood dripping down his leg, Mr MK never missed him.


Image Fatality 1: Implosion: Mr MK grabbs his opponent by the hair, making him stand on his knees, Mr Mk turns his opponents head backwards so he can see into his mouth. Then Mr MK grabs his fire boken with his right hand, and rams it down his opponents trout. the opponent looks surprised for a split second, then he implodes in a huge fireball. When the fire has settled, all you can see of the opponent is a few flaming pieces on the ground, and Mr Mk stands holding his boken in the air, it then disappears in thin air and the fire in Mr MKs eyes slowly fades away.

Fatality 2: Fire from hell: Mr Mk grabs his opponent ny the neck with his left hand, he lifts him up and over the ground. His left hand flames up as he laughs like a mad man, his opponent is now on fire, screaming in horror, trying to get loose from Mr MKs grip. The entire opponent is now on fire, he would have screamed if his want shaped like a burned out piece of wood, you can see the fire in Mr MKs eyes as he continues to laugh. the opponent has now stopped moving, but Mr MK doesn't let him loose, he continues to hold the flaming corps until the opponent falls down to the ground as ashes.


One day, 562 years ago, when Lord Rayden walked trough a small town in Japan, he saw all the beauty that surrounded him, when a man with his wife who was carrying a baby, walked up to him. The man bowed, and thanked Rayden for honouring them with his presence, Lord Rayden bowed. The woman went down to her knees and held up the baby, she begged him to bless their child. Rayden looked at the man, he was a great man, apparently a high ranked samurai, a man of great honour. Rayden put his hand on the childs head and sent a stream of energy through the child, he then looked up on the father and sayd, "The day he wins a fight on life or death...he will become a immortal". The words from a god gripped hold of the great samurai as Rayden left them in a burst of electricity. a few years later, when a 15 year old boy, who had trained martial arts his entire life, fought and won his first battle on life or death, then that boy became a immortal, just as lord Rayden had promised. He was well built for his age and stronger then most of the samurais he had met, he lived his life looking like a 15 year old boy, only his physique was different. Since he was immortal, he had lots of time to train, and on his 74th birthday he became a ninja. When he was 87, he left the ninja clan and searched all over japan and china for all the greatest martial artists to learn from them and become even better. When he was 321, he fought and killed a god named Flare, he received the ability to control fire, but the gods power was to great, he never learnt how to control all of if. 200 years ago he met the ninja clan known as the "Brotherhood", he soon showed them his powers and immortality, he was given the place as ruler of the clan until the day he dies, and received the title mr "MK". He still has the mind of a 15 year old boy, witch would explains why he is so sarcastic and cruel, and he sees the MK tournaments as fun and filled with honour.