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<--Thats him! Travis lives in Annapolis, Md. He was also born there on 10/08/83. He got his first motorcycle at age 3, it was a Bobcat. He's 6'3" tall and he weighs 150 lbs. He graduated from high school three years early and he's now attending the Anne Arundel Community College and he's interested in broadcasting. He used to be home schooled, but now I don't think so. He had knee surgery last year. He's 15 years old, he reps the USA and he competes in freestyle.He's not going to stay strictly with freestyle, nest year he'll be 16 and that's old enough to do supercross, so here's what he has to say aboout it..."I'm definitely going to race supercross next year, jumping has been something I do for fun, but it's not my career. Mostly I'm going to focus on racing this year." Even though he is only 15 he is rippin it up in competions. Some comps he's done are the Freestyle comps at the Free Air Festival stops in Tacoma, Wash., and Las Vegas, Nev., last year. He also won the Amateur Race at the Loretta Lynn Nationals in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., in 1994, 1995 and 1997. Travis has also been in two Flesh Wound videos Crusty 3 and Crusty 4. He rides Suzuki, he never wears blue when he rides, and he's said if he's wearing blue in a competition, he's going to be in a "first turn pile-up". At this year's X Games he won the gold medal for freestyle moto X. He was the youngest competor at age 15 (wow same age as me...) and "Mad Mike" Jones was the oldest at age 33. On his last jump, he jumped the dirt ramp on the far end of the course and flew almost 100 feet off the course and into San Francisco Bay, bike and all. His bike was recovered afterwards. He said, "We didn't plan it and we didn't tell anybody" , "When we came in, all the riders thought it would be really cool. Since it was on my last run and it wouldn't hold up the competition, I decided to do it." He was also unsure of what the ESPN peeps were gonna think of it "They probably will (get upset)," said Pastrana. "I don't think they've decided yet." The San Francisco police department are "looking into it". Despite that he got an almost perfect score of 99.0. some tricks he did were a giant superman, a no-handed heel click, and several no handed landings. About halfway through his run, he was 29 feet in the air when he did no-handed seat grab that he landed. Ok backtracking a lil here, he has been riding since he was 4 years old and he's had 18 broken bones and 8 surgeries. Last summer when he was practicing for the Lake Havasu Free Air Festival and he did a 120-foot double jump and he came up seven feet short and he (in his own words)"Well I dislocated my spine from my pelvis, so the doctors clamped it back together and put two screws in to hold it (his spine) in place. So now I have two screws, two nine-inch scars and two four-inch scars." So when he was recovering he spent alot of time thinking about his sport, and he said "We're just on the threshold of what we can do, BMX jumpers are so far ahead of us - and they're only on a 20-foot jump and are doing 10 times as many tricks. We first got to catch up to those guys." He says the next MX freestyle jumping tricks will be "back flips and double variations on existing tricks." But anways, the X Games were the first event since the injury and he went there and kicked some major ass. So he's ok now. one thing he's said about getting hurt is "You never think you're gonna get hurt, until you're laying on the ground semi-consious." um, yea. This was the first year that Moto X was included in the X Games and it attracted alot of people so I think that they're gonna keep it. Ok I'll keep putting more stuff up here as I find it. ***And congrats to all the X Games winners, they did a kick ass job, and a big congratulation to TONY HAWK who pulled off the 900!!*** I'll try to find more info, but until then enjoy what I have, dammit!! *Note* This site is for people who want to learn more about Travis Pastrana, I don't want to invade his personal life by giving out his address, phone number, etc. (I don't even know them, but whatever) and if Travis ever comes across this page (i doubt it, but just in case he does) e-mail me, I would love to talk to you. Thanx heaps!!

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