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To start off, my Name is Amy. I live in Alabama. i do play insturments ...trumpet and guitar and i can play piano,but uh anyway,I have to include my *best freind* Wendy in this... because for the most part she deserves a little peice of this crummy web page.i have pictures down below all of this for your convience...My favorite band is NOT Korn..but,dont get me wrong. i still like them and i think that their music is wondeful. My favorite band is well i dunno i guess i dont have a favorite. i like alot of stuff. Slipknot, Pink Floyd,Propagandhi,Nine Inch Nails,mostly anything from Mozart to Korn.my favorite color is Black,like every one eles's, and i go to Capitol Heights.im in 9th grade.I go out with Chris :). i cant think of much more to say about me. my life is wonderfully boring, but if there is something you want to know about this wonderfully boring girl then e-mail me sometime.brntwatr420@hotmail.com... oh and i have aim or whatever, brntwatr is the screen name.well here are some pictures for your conveince.

this is Jason.i think the pic tells it all.

left Richard,middle Alan and right Hannah.they are all really cool


this is my dad. hes alright i guess, well all that weed in his closet is :)

this is(front row)Charimee and Me-Amy-(2nd row) Wade and Alan is the one sitting or laying down kinda by my lap.im sorry this pic is so huge! i completley forgot to crop it!

This is Wendy! she plays guitar in our "band"p>
this is my fat ass brother.all said.

this is me,unfortunatly, for the first time in a LONG while dressed up for a school band concert i had to perform at.

Now see i would put a picture of Chris on here, because i would love to show him off but hes not too happy at all with the idea of his picture being on the internet, so i wont put it on here, because he doesent want me to. well im sorry you had to miss out on seeing the hottest guy ever to live, but thats just the way it is. lifes a bitch!

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