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Fred McCaleb Home Page

My Favorite Web Sites Of Hallmark Genealogy

Fred McCaleb Home Page
Patsy Box Johnson Home page
Fred McCaleb Pictures etc
Thomas Hallmark Descendants+Picture of 3 oldest H & Eza Hallmark Children
Henry McCollum of SC
Descendants Va-NC Easons
Early Hallmark Ancesters
Cummings-Hallmark Family + picture down 3 or 4 pages of kitchen at Stratford Hall where Richard Mynatt worked for the Lees.
My Berry College Years + picture
Stories,Letters, Short Genealogies Etc
Moses Eason and wife Elizabeth Woodard Descendants+ Picture of Moses as an old man.
The Stidham Family Tree
George's Son Jessee Hallmark Descendants
James W Hallmark (Thomas'son) and La. Dscds.
Some of George's son Richard Hallmark Descendants
Susana Mynatt & 2nd Husband William Ervin Descds
1st George Hallmark In America Descds and Ancesters
Some Christopher Woodard Descendants
Henry Pickle Descendants
Sarah Ann Eason & Moses Witt Stamps Descendants
Cline-Sturdivant Home Page
Letters,Comments, Some Genealogy, Sayings Etc.
The H McCaleb family 1943: Fred, Eza Hallmark, H, Lucille Rollins McCaleb, Hubert, back and front Clancy, Carol, Bill, and Leroy McCaleb
Many More Genealogical Pages

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The following Pictures can be seen by snapping with right mouse button and then going to view image

the Angelfire Gallery of Fine Art (eat your heart out Ansel Adams)

This is a Gallery of Pictures

Pictures are a way of bending light in order for your eyes to associate colours and shapes with something familiar.

United States Flag

The Kitchen at Lee Plantation

Fred McCaleb on Top of B24 Saipan

Fred and Betiie Cline McCaleb as Old People Sept 2000

Jones Hughes, Fred and Elspeth Howard Hughes

Jean Ellen McCaleb Marries Timm Fredrickson 1977

Fred McCaleb with a Home Made Transister Radio

Elspeth Kent Howard as a Young Girl about 1930

Elspeth Howard Hughes and Bettie McCaleb in Early 1970s

Elspeth Howard Dressed up in Clothes of 1920s

Ellen and Bill Cline at David Cline's funeral