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DJ's Place


~Benny Rodregues,Yeah Yeah,Tommy & Timmy Timmons,Scott Smalls,Micheal (Squints) Pollodourus,Ham Porter,Bertram Weeks and Kenny Denunez~

~Wendy Peppercorn~

~Sultan of Swing "Babe Ruth "~ ~Benny the Jet Rodregues~

"Ok listen up you guys, I just have one thing to say just remember legends never die"
"Yeah Yeah listen to him you guys legends never die"

~Hey, I Love you guys!~

~My Family~

~My daughter and son~

~Big Dawg and the boys~

~Daughter and Son~

~Birmingham webcam or doppler radar~

~Nothing better than Rock&Roll and THE BIG SHOW with JohnBoy and Billy~

~can't find what your looking for try info seek~

~it's Free~

~never miss a call~


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