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I FINALLY UPDATED THIS PAGE !!! well I added more info on most of the pages .. I got ALOT of pics I gota upload .. yah and I might put up a download section to download like MP3's or screen savers or something I am not sure yet .. well I will put up the date when it has been updated from now on

updated on 19/7/99

HI !!! I have just started this page !!! I hope this page turs out good... well I should tell u some stuff about me , well I am a male, chinese , I am 13 years old , I live in Canada B.C ,my favourite charicters in EVANGELION are Misato and Asuka, I REALLY like anime , and if u people have ICQ I would love to talk to u !! MY ICQ # is 42226972

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go here to go see Asuka's pictures and info

go here to go see Misato's pictures and info

go here to go see Rei's pictures and info

go here to go see Shinji's pictures and info

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