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Points of Bible Doctrine 5



Why did God choose a Virgin as the mother of Jesus? Why did God the Holy Spirit have to be the Father of the Son of God? Back in the Garden, when Adam sinned, as planned by God, Adam was given the Old Sin Nature (OSN). The difference is, man is the one who passes the OSN onto the next generation, through copulation, even though woman is a carrier. So, that is why God the Holy Spirit was chosen to impregnate Mary and fill her womb with the seed to become the Son of God. I am glad you knew that!

Now, I have said that to say this - The Second Adam, Jesus Christ was brought into this world to do what God had planned for Him to do, even before the Angels were created. You say, well what happened to FREE WILL? We have FREE WILL to act within the framework of the Plan of God. Christ did what he had to do for thirty-three years, before going to the Cross. He had no choice! God created Him to bare the sins of the world. In His humanity He cried out "...My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me...." Also, in His humanity He suffered pain, just like you and I would suffer pain in a similar situation.

Jesus Christ did not have a choice! He had to die on the Cross, in order to fulfill the Promise of God, and WILL OF GOD.



God has told us that there will be wars and rumors of wars and that there will be no peace until He, Jesus returns, to Earth. This will happen, after the Rapture. Then, why do the peacenics keep stressing for peace? Well, the answer should be obvious (lack of understanding and application of The Word of God)!



The story of the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, and Pentecost comes to mind. Remember, Nimrod, the first and last and only black leader, ever, of the world? He wanted to be as smart as God. What did God do? He sent them (the world) packing by dispersing them across the earth. Since then, mankind has been in a state of confusion and will be kept there until the end of the Tribulation.

God has provided another means of confusion upon mankind. It is called DENOMINATIONS, and of course, this includes those who do not call themselves denominations! "...If you do not belong to us, you are a cult...." A cult is a term that people use to assign a group of people too, since they do not understand what that group of people represent. My former Southern Baptist "brethern" said I belonged to a "Cult." Why? Because they rejected Bible Doctrine in favor of "fundy stuff."



Why did God separate the Earth into continents? Why do we have states, borders, counties, oceans? For the protection of each other! How many races do we have? Are there only three; stemming from Shem, Ham, and Japheth? Why did God provide for them? He provided for these separations to protect the human race until such time as God is ready for the One-World Government. Integration (of the races) is the execution of God's Plan by Satan leading into the One-World Government stage. And, you thought the Do-gooders in Washington were responsible for integration!?



We tend to forget or discount the fact that one day down the road there will be a One-World-Government. One thing that we see today and fuss about is the metric system which is taxing some of our minds not to mention our pocket books. Another significant thing that is in play and being developed on the sly by our Federal Government is the biochip (following God's Plan without realizing it) which will be used as the means for the Mark of the Beast (666) to control mankind. You mean you have not received information on the biochip? Go to my Bio-Microchip 666 Page.

The EU (European Union) is doing it's job in carrying out the Plan of God, preparing for this future event! Frankly, the ones who God is using do not realize what is taking place.



Mankind has two natures! On the Positive Side, we have the God-like Nature, and on the Negative Side, we have the Old Sin Nature (OSN), the Nature of Satan. These two natures are always fighting within the Believer. The Believer has the choice to Confess his/her sins to God, NOT MAN, forgetting them and going on. Confess it! I John 1:9; Forget it! Phill. 3:13; Isolate it! Heb.12:15. The Non-believer is alway controlled by the OSN. The Non-believer has a choice to confess his/her sins and come into the fellowhip with God, provided that is within the Plan of God.



Some of us are tall, dark and handsome! Some of us are short, dark and ugly! Some are black, white, red, and in between! Some are born to be rich, poor, in between! Some are born to be healthy, some with poor health, blind, deformed, etc! WE ARE WHAT GOD PLANNED FOR US TO BE! God is in control, not mankind! Now, do you get my point? Be content with such things as you have (Heb. 13:5). But, God planned my nature not to be content. I sure as hell am not content with my life situation, but I am where I am suppose to be so that another person can have a better life, or a worse life than I. One thing for sure, I have not sat on my assets waiting for someone to give me something for nothing! Seems, the harder I try the behinder I get!

Those things I want, I cannot get! Those things I do not want, I surely get!


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Points of Bible Doctrine 5:

  • The Second Adam
  • Wars and Rumors of Wars and No Peace Until...
  • Master of Confusion
  • Continents, Governments, Races
  • One World Government
  • The Two Natures of Mankind
  • Be Content With Such Things As You Have

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