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Points of Bible Doctrine 4
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I find that most believers (including those on Bible Doctrine, that includes some Pastor-Teachers) are living in fantisyland when it comes to understanding and dealing with God and the Scriptures. The buck stops at the TOP. God is at the TOP. Most believers want to limit God to their understanding. I give God credit for all the Good and all the Evil. This is the Positive and Negative of the Universe. When God formulated His Master Plan, He Planned for the Negative (Satan) before He Planned for Man! All things are from God! Nothing happens in the life of mankind that God has not already provided for. Now, don't go trying to throw in James 1:13, which in essence says God cannot be tempteth "...neither tempteth he any man...."



In the beginning, God created the Universe to operate on a positive and negative (equal) basis. My basis for the P & N is my understanding of the ESSENCE OF GOD. You must have an understanding of this in order to understand the Who and What God Is! Also, you must have an understanding of the ESSENCE OF GOD, in order to understand yourself! Here is more of my basis for the P & N:

1. God created the Universe to operate on a positive and negative basis. That is what keeps all of the solar system, or whatever, in place. That is what keeps the earth rotating on its axis.

2. God created the Angels, including Lucifer to perform a future task which God assigned to him (Lucifer). Lucifer fell, according to Plan!

3. God created mankind in His likeness, but before He did, He Planned for Adam and Eve to perform as they did in the Garden, and they did. Thus, giving Mankind the two Natures which we have (The Godlike and the OSN).

4. You have those two natures in you, so do I. They are at war everyday!

5. Every Gadget that you own (automobile, refrig, stove, electric razor, you name it) and take for granted, each day is based on the principle of positive and negative. A car battery is a good example.

6. God is the author of Sin! We do not like to believe or accept it! But, He created Satan, His current Agent, to carryout the sin portion, in time of mankind. Lucifer (Satan) did not have a CHOICE, just like Jesus Christ did not have a Choice. He, Jesus, was brought into existence for a purpose, according to the Plan of God. We (you and I ) have a purpose, according to the Plan of God. We will carry out that part God has Planned for us to do, regardless of whether we want to or even recognize it. Hard to handle, huh?

I must repeat, you have got to get a handle on The Essence of God to understand what I am saying. I do not have a corner on the understanding. I wrestling with this every day!

When God says that only a FEW will inherit His Kingdom, how do you handle that? When God says that "... ALL but 1/6th of Gog and Magog....," "... 1/3rd of the World population will be destroyed in the TRIBULATION...." , how do you handle that? When you know that the Majority of God's Chosen People (Jews) will deny God (Jesus Christ), how do you handle that?

I could go on-and-on with this, but you have got to come to your own understanding and conclusion. I just lay it out there TRYING NOT to place a BURDEN on anyone! I am looking for a Believer, especially a Bible Doctrine Believer, who can teach me and help me with a greater understanding; beyond where I am!



I sure hope you have enough knowledge in your Right Lobe to be able to evaluate what I am saying. Epiknosis sure would help all of us!


RAPTURE (To Be Caught Up and Snatched out)

Know Ye about the Rapture (1 Tim 6:14; Th. 4:13;Rev 1:7;1 Thes 4:17)? It is when the Church (believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour) will be snatched out of and off the earth (the dead in Christ shall rise, first) and in comes the Seven Years Tribulation. Have you every stopped to think how God is going to handle the situation? He says "every eye shall see...(Rev 1:7)." NOTE: Look up "clouds" in the KJV; these are Angels. Also, look at Mat 24:30. As a side note; will there be mass confusion? How are the Unbelievers going to explain what happened to those who are left on Earth? The Rapture could happen today, tomorrow or 10,000 years from now (man is estimating that it will be closer to the year 2018 - 1967 plus 51). It sure would be nice that all mankind could be caught up in the Rapture, but God's Plan does not call for it? Just think, one day, all but 1/6th of Gog and Magog will be destroyed by God. Russia and Eastern Europe seem to fit the bill. Oh, how could a loving God do such a thing? I am glad that I am one of the few! Will YOU be one of the few? Even the majority of God's Chosen People (Jews) will be sacrificed, according to His Plan.



While I do not subscribe to the T.U.L.I.P. of John Calvin, I have heard some denominations teach about it. Seems that, based on my understanding apart from the study of Calvinism, that John does have one valid point. That point deals with predestination (this relates to the elect few and free will). Now, here is where I connect to that point. Before the Angels and before the First Adam, God laid down a Plan which has, is, and will come to past. Step one was to create the angels for a present and future event. That is dealing with Satan. Lucifer did what he was created to do so he could be placed in charge of earth and carry out the negative part of God's Plan.

Now, on the other hand, God created the First Adam to do what He, Adam, had to do as part of God's Plan. Adam did exactly what God planned for Him to do in the Garden. Eve was created to do what she had to do in the Garden. Neither could do no more or no less than what they did.

NOW, Hear this, YOU are going to do what God has Planned for you to do, regardless of whether you are aware or understand why you are doing it!

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My Points of Bible Doctrine 4:

  • Reality of God and the Reality of the Word of God
  • The Positive and the Negative
  • Rapture (To Be Caught Up and Snatched out)
  • Calvinism

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