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Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football is also known as Aussie Rules or Footy. It is a physical contact sport and claimed to have similar styles of play to Rugby and Gaelic football.

This game however is unique to Australia and its history starts from the 1850's. Today it is a multi-million dollar business with a National Competition and numerous smaller leagues. Interest in the game is generally at an all time high within Australia and with the recent turmoils in Rugby League is becoming accepted as THE major football code in Australia.

Aussie Rules is the main code of football in in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and has a strong following in the Australian Capital Territory. On television it is the second most watched sport in Australia.

On the 2nd October 1896 eight clubs formed the Victorian Football League (VFL). In 1925 Victoria had increased to a twelve team competition. Then in 1982 South Melbourne relocated to Sydney. This opened a new era of expansion as more outside teams were admitted however it was not until 1990 that the VFL changed its named to Australian Rules Football League (AFL).

Listed below is a table of when teams were admitted into the league, their home location and logos.

Admitted	Team			Logo ( Current )

1897		Carlton  		Blues
1897		Collingwood		Magpies
1897		Essendon		Bombers
1897		Fitzroy  		Lions ( merged with Brisbane end of 1996 )
1897		Geelong  		Cats
1897		Melbourne		Demons
1897		South Melbourne 	Swans (Relocated in 1982)
1897		StKilda  		Saints
1908		Richmond		Tigers University Students ( absorbed by Melbourne 1914 )
1925		Footscray		Bulldogs ( renamed Western 1997 )
1925		Hawthorn		Hawks
1925		North Melbourne 	Kangaroos
1982		Sydney			Swans ( ex South Melbourne )
1987		Brisbane		Bears ( merged with Fitzroy end of 1996 )
1987		West Coast		Eagles
1991		Adelaide		Crows
1995		Fremantle		Dockers
1997		Port Adelaide	Power
1997		Brisbane		Lions ( merger of Brisbane & Fitzroy )

The season normally starts the last weekend of March and continues until the end of August excluding the finals. The Cup below is the highlight for every team and its supporters. Games are normally played between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. The top picture is of the Melbourne Football Ground in which the grand final is always played.

There have been many famous football players wether they are known for their high flying abilities or their goal kicking abilities or even their mischevious bad boy images or even their general all around skills on and of the field.

Each and every player also had a chance to win the "Brownlow Medal" but any player suspended due to illegal plays etc. is no longer eligible.

One song has been written which is recognised as the national Football Anthem. The name of it is :"Up There Cazaly" Below are the words of the first verse.

Well you work for a living, then the weekend comes around
You can do what ever turns you on, get out and clear your mind.
Me I like football but there's lot of things around
When you line them up together.
The footie wins hands down.

Up there Cazaly, in there and fight
Out there and at 'em, show 'em your might.
Up there Cazaly, dont let them in.
Fly like an angel, your out there to win.

For the music in mp3 form please email me and i will send it to you. Up there Cazaly

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