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The Gods of Lithrah

Gods of Light
Gods of Shadow
Gods of Darkness
Aeris, the Creator
Caesia, Keeper of Balance
Raiff, the Destroyer
Sabre, the Sorcerer
Callis, the Enchantress
Alirez, the Necromancer
Jacira, Dove of Compassion
Gitanel, Master of Fate
Ralis, the Black Paladin
Niya, Mother of the Races
Tayln, the Huntsman
Biaakal, the Dark Wind
Acadia, the Scholar of Truth
Linca, the Healing Touch
Ruan, Blade of Devestation
Mahla, the Muse
Cael, the Sword of Justice
Aryna, the Temptress
Mikos, the Peacemaker
Aidan, the Steel Warrior
Dalziel, the Silent Thief

Mardis, Mother of the Earth
Oronar, King of the Wind
Veana, Spirit of Fire
Eldon, Ruler of the Seas

Geneology of the Gods / Home

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