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About this Site...

     I first became aware of the Realm of Lithrah some time ago, when I began writing a book based on the experiences that my elven alterego, Kyra, and her companion, Bodika, had shared with me. After having roleplayed in the AOL chatrooms for a few years, I found myself witnessing the steady decline in quality of the roleplaying therein. I therefore decided to create a message board that would allow those serious about their storylines to share them in a more controlled environment where the characters' lives could be explored more fully. From this idea was born Aquila, an AOL Closed Storyline Folder that can be found in the Free Form Gaming Forum's (AOL Keyword: FFGF) Red Dragon Inn Adventures area. Please note that only those visitors who have AOL will be able to access the message board.
     Aquila is one of the most diverse cities in the realm, its inhabitants ranging from angels to assassins. The port town seems to attract the criminals and outcasts of Lithrah, making for an abundance of conflicts and a high crime rate, which the rangers struggle unsuccessfully to keep in check. Surrounded by several different landscapes, those who have taken up residence in Aquila excel and prosper in many different areas, such as importing/exporting, farming, and the ever popular and distinguished field of innkeeping.
     We have enjoyed several adventures in this city and will hopefully continue to do so throughout the realm. Lithrah is now over four years old, and Aquila is approaching the end of its second year. The evolution of the city is credited to all the players that have contributed to the events that have taken place there.
     I am trying to include as much informaion about Lithrah and Aquila on this site as I can, and have been updating as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I find it incredibly difficult to convey such things as the atmosphere of the city and the descriptions of the establishments, etc., of the other players. So please, bare with me, and if anything seems to be missing or needs to be changed, than feel free to email me or include a comment in the guestbook. However, keep in mind that this is something I have undertaken as a hobby and I will not tolerate demands or rudeness. Please think about how you would feel if someone was sending you the request you will be sending to me.

Interested in Joining?

     New players are always welcome, however, since the message board is of a closed nature, it is necessary to have your AOL screenname present on the roster before posting. Please send requests, along with a short character description, basic storyline idea, and short, post-length writing sample to by the 14th or 29th of the month. Also please take the time to read the guidelines refered to in the first post of the OOC/Guestbook thread of the message board as more than two transgressions in a month's time will not be tolerated and will result in being removed from the roster.

Boring (but Necessary) Legal Info

All characters and places on this site, and its companion message board, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons or places is purely coincidental.
All written content, images, etc., are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America and are the sole property of their creators. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material contained here is prohibited without the express written permission of the owner.
The Aquila and god logos/icons are owned by KLS.
All characters, character names, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are trademarks due their respective owners.

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