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Player: Leannriel

Names and Titles Leanndriel ap Lordrein, SiC, SCAR, Capo, RUM

Abilities On a scale of 1-20
   WISDOM   17

Character Profile
Race: Half-Elven
Sex: Female
Skin: green - part wood sprite
Height: 5'
Build: 90 lbs
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Handedness: right
Apparent age: 18
Actual age: 180
Vision: normal
Hearing: accute
Alignment: good
Mannerisms and Tendences: Kind, loyal, low self-worth, overly trusting, patient, quick to anger when her friends are insulted or endangered
General appearance: slightly built, long, waving dark hair, slanted brown eyes, pointed ears. Celtic Cross tattoo on her left shoulder. Most often wears dark leathers; breeches, vest and high boots. She carries a dagger with an emerald encrusted hilt.
Marks, scarring, maiming: 2 small scars side-by-side on her neck. Burn scars on her right side.

Status and Origins
Class: Gypsy
Social Class:
   At birth: Royalty
   Current: Commoner
Birthplace: Great Forest - Fey

Languages Language:Common and Elven

General Skills
     Elves share certain characteristics regardless of race. Among them are thier lithe build, pointed ears, generally thin limbs, graceful movements, and overall elegance. Life is sacred to each race, although certain individuals may serve as an exception. They can see further into the infrared wavelengths of the spectrum allowing them to see int he dark (Elvensight)
     Humans are one of the most numerous races in the Realm. While elves tend to symbolize Good, humans are most often thought of as being neutral, and their personalities therefore range from even tempered and kind, to downright evil. Their lives are much shorter than many of the other races, as they normally live to be no more than 100 years old. However, they tend to be more inclined to live their lives to the fullest in the short time they have. Commoners are generally farmers or skilled tradesmen, such as blacksmiths, innkeepers, or herbalists.
     Half-elves, normally a hybrid of these two races, are often not accepted into either society. Consequently, the tend to be torn between their dual heritage and many spend their whole lives trying to come to terms with it.

People Known
Mish'CealDark AngelRangerM