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5th Level Teachings


Starting at 3rd Level and every Level thereafter you are required to have sex with your initiator as part of your initiation. Primary (Spousal) Bonds The most common form that Primary Bonds take is marriage. But in the 1st Church of Polyamory any number of people can form Primary Bonds with each other. When you have more than 2 people in a marriage, the economy of scale begins to go into effect. Several wage earners can more easily support a stay at home parent and they can afford a much better house that they could afford separately. They also save money on appliances because they only need one lawnmower, for example, for the entire group. Society doesn't support group marriages. It can be difficult to find housing built to hold 7 adults. Employers often don't recognize more than one spouse in benefits plans. So in a Pod where everyone is Primarily Bonded, people my divide into individual couples in order to give people the illusion that society demands. For such a Pod, marriage is an inadequate metaphor to describe their relationship. They are firmly committed to building a common future together. They are bound together by a condom commitment. They have veto power over any potential lovers any of the other members may have. But to outsiders, they might appear to be a closed swinging club. Also, some people, particularly creative types, find that they don't want to live with anyone else and project the illusion of being in a couple. Such a person may live alone, consider themselves Primarily Bonded to the whole Pod and have a sleep schedule for visiting the other members of their Pod. A Pod Handfasting Ceremony Preparing for 6th Level In order to progress from 5th Level to 6th Level, your whole Pod must have attained 5th level. The initiation into 6th Level is a marriage ceremony. In order to reach 6th Level, your Pod must already be acting as if it were already 6th Level. For this initiation ceremony, you and your initiators will have to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. As part of the Ceremony, you will have sex without a condom with your initiators. This is the only occasion in which you will have unprotected sex outside of your Pod. After this, your condom commitment as a 6th Level member will extend only to your own Pod. If a 6th Level member from outside of your Pod visits both they and your whole Pod must be re-tested before a new person can be let into your condom commitment. If you have a wide range of Levels in your Pod and you are closely bonded to each other, then instead of ejecting the lower Level members, You might consider jumping ahead to 7th Level while you are waiting for the others to catch up. After at least a year in 7th Level, you can then drop down to 6th Level. (Unless you are rejected by 6/7 of the Council) If your whole Pod is Primarily Bonded it will increase your chances of being raised to 7th Level. Requirements for 6th Level 6th Level candidates should be: 1) Prepared to have sex with without a condom their initiators as part of their initiation. 2) Has been 5th Level for at least one year. 3) Be more familiar with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Level material than they were at their 5th Level initiation. 4) Have formed a Primary (spousal) bond with all current members of their Pod 5) Be part of a Pod where all current members have attained at least 5th Level.

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