2nd Level Teachings


Starting at 3rd Level and every Level there after you are required to have sex with your initiator as part of your initiation. In the past, perhaps you have not chosen to be sexual with your podlings. Perhaps you haven't participated in the after ritual orgies. Perhaps you're chosen not to attend the solar holidays. Perhaps you've turned down chances to be an officer of the Pod. That's okay. 1st and 2nd Level members are not required to have sex with anybody. But if you want to progress further in this church, you will have to start living it. This means that if you have the opportunity to serve as Maiden or Summoner, you should do so. But you are still not required to serve as High Priest/ess. Some Wiccans think that it is unethical for teachers/clergy to have sex with their students. Well, You don't have to be a member of this Church. And you have been warned. If you choose to progress to 3rd Level, that is your choice. Starting at 3rd Level and every Level there after you are required to have sex with your initiator as part of your initiation. The training for 3rd Level is sort of like courting. This means that once your Pod has a Priest/ess (3rd Level member), they will be able to give better initiations than you would be able to get from a Priest/ess who travels to your Pod to perform initiations. A Priest/ess who is a member of your Pod would be better able to build a close bond with you. You should have a partner to train for 3rd Level. Ideally, you should train under the tutelage of a Priest/ess. But if you Pod doesn't have one, then you can train with a 2nd level member. The best training partner would be your Primary (spouse) Partner. Massage The first thing you must learn at 2nd level is some form of massage. It should be a highly sensual and mystical massage technique and everyone in your Pod should learn the same technique. I highly recommend The Tao of Sexual Massage by Stephan Russell and Jurgen Kolb. It is a good starting place for learning massage. Tantra Next, after learning Massage, you should begin a study of Tantra. There are a lot of good books on the subject and there is no need for me to "reinvent the wheel". I recommend: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, by Margo Anand. In the 1st Level material I mentioned the sex without orgasm. What did I mean by this? I meant that men should not ejaculate. This can be very difficult because most women can not believe that a man could possibly be satisfied if he did not ejaculate. You should know that it is possible for men to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Once he learns to do this, a man may have multiple orgasms. During the sexual rites of the 1st Church of Polyamory, both men and women can and do have multiple orgasms. But the men usually do not ejaculate unless the rite calls for it. So usually, our sexual rites are slow and meditative. They resemble a leisurely walk more than a 100-meter race to a finish line. At our post-ritual orgies, men are more likely to ejaculate as these are for fun and not Magickal in purpose. Many times, if it is a man's first group sexual experience, he may ejaculate the instant he enters a woman. This is not a tragedy and the next time he will not be so premature because it's no longer a novel experience. When we say Making Love, we mean any kind of mutually satisfying sexual experience including not only intercourse, but also oral sex, mutual masturbation, mutual massage, or even kissing. The Great rite is not just intercourse and if intercourse is called for in a ritual, it is spelled out. For your 3rd Level initiation you should be prepared to have intercourse, but also be prepared for the possibility that you may not have intercourse even though the Rite was highly sexual and satisfying. Sexual ethics I haven't mentioned it much before. But in the 1st Church of Polyamory, condoms are always used for any genital or anal sexual contact except between people who are already Primary (Spousal) Partners. It is assumed that you always use condoms unless there has been an agreement not to before sexual contact begins. The 1st Church of Polyamory also does not endorse non-consensual or coerced sex of any kind. Although sex is required for higher level initiations, no one is required to advance to the higher levels. The time when a person becomes an adult is murky. Because of this, age of consent laws have been enacted to protect children from unwanted sexual contact with adults. The age of consent is usually set at some arbitrary number in order to err on the side of caution. It may vary from place to place. All members of the 1st Church of Polyamory must strictly adhere to their local age of consent laws. If the age of consent is lower than 18, people who have reached the age of consent but are not yet 18 may only attend 1st Church of Polyamory functions with a written letter of consent from their parents. We feel that Prostitution is an honorable profession that needs to be made more sacred in its' practice. We have no prohibition against our members being Prostitutes. And we would like to see their profession legalized in more places. Prostitutes should never be below the age of consent, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or feel they have been coerced into their profession. New Moon Power raising When everybody attending a new Moon rite has attained 2nd Level, we had a more intimate form of power raising we sometimes use. Each person stands with their right hand resting on the sacrum of the person to their right and their left hand on the genitals of the person to their left. The group breathes together in this position for awhile. Then slowly we begin moving our left hands across the genitals of the person on our left until this gradually becomes mutual masturbation. While raising this sexual energy, we are trying to avoid orgasm. So if the sensation becomes too intense for someone, they tap the sacrum of the person to their right and that person stops moving their left hand and gently rests it on the genitals of the person on their left. In even that is too intense, they grab the left hand of their pleasurer with their right and hold hands until they feel calm enough to resume. When they let go and put their right hand back on the sacrum, this is the signal to resume. When the High Priest/ess feels that the energy has peaked, they channel it off to what ever needs to be accomplished. Requirements for 3rd Level 3rd Level candidates should be: 1) Prepared to have sex with their initiator as part of their initiation. 2) Have been 2nd Level for at least one year. 3) Be more familiar with the 1st level material than they were at their 2nd Level initiation. 4) Be adept in some form of massage. 5) Be adept in Tantric practices.

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