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Jonathan Frasier was born 1827 in Jackson County, Alabama and died 6 Oct 1868 in Jackson County, Alabama. He is buried in Latham Cemetery, Guess’ Creek, Jackson County, Alabama. He was a son of George and Nancy Ball Frasier. Jonathan married Sara Cole 7 Oct 1846 in Lincoln County, Tennessee,   and they had seven children: James W., William, Mary Ann, John Henry, Sarah Elizabeth, Hiram Franklin, Jonathan Grant Frasier.

Jonathan enlisted in the 1st Tennessee & Alabama Independent Vidette Cavalry Company A 28 Aug 1863 and was discharged 16 June 1864. He was 35 years old when he enlisted. Jonathan was an orderly for General Hooker by Hooker’s request. He was described as being 6 feet 2 inches tall, dark complexion, black eyes, and black hair. Jonathan made his living as a farmer.

Before the war Jonathan was in robust health, but while in the line of duty at Crow Creek bridge in December 1863, he was taken with chronic diarrhea called "camp diarrhea" by the men who served with him.   James Frasier, a son of Jonathan, stated that he himself was not in the service, but frequently visited the soldier while in camps at Larkensville and Bridgeport, Al. and knew of his diarrhea trouble.  Doctor James O. Robertson stated that Jonathan was a man of large size, of fine physique and sound health.  After his discharge, he was considerately broken up in health from exposure and hardships undergone while in the military service of the United States.  In the fall and summer of 1868 there was a great deal of malarial sickness in the valley in which the soldier was living.  On the 7th day of that year (1868) the malarial fever with which he was suffering and which had been complicated with his old diarrhea trouble suddenly assumed a dangerous form.  Hemorrhage of the bowels to an enormous extent occurred and resulted in his death.  Lieut. John Williams and Dr. Robertson were present when he died.  Jonathan's last child, a son, was born four months after his death.

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