Johnson Jones

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This cabin was built by Johnson Jones and has been semi restored and now sits inside the Henagar City Park in Henagar, AL.

information was submitted by: James D. Durham

Johnson Jones was mustered into Company C 1st Alabama and Tennessee Vidette Cavalry as a Sergeant on Sept 19th 1863 at Stevenson Al.  He was mustered out on June 16th 1864 at Stevenson, Al.  In 1852 Johnson built a log cabin on Pea Ridge in DeKalb County, Al.   While he was away in the service Union soldiers came on the Jones farm and threatened to burn the house.  It was only spared when they learned the landowner was also in the Union Army, but the Yankee’s did take all the meat from the smoke house however.  After the war, Jones became a justice of the peace and postmaster of Pea Ridge using the old cabin as a polling place and post office. 


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