Three Hill Brothers
of the 1st
Alabama Cavalry USV
information provided by Dan Hill sent to me by Glenda Todd


George Hill   Co. D.  1st Alabama Cavalry US – Died May 4, 1864 Bridgeport, AL in     a Military Field Hospital of chronic diarrhea at the age of 16.  Henry claimed       his effects.    Buried in the Chattanooga National Military Cemetery, Section    H, Grave 10930

Elisha Hill    Enlisted in Co C 1st Regiment Alabama and Tennessee Independent     Vidette Cavalry

Henry Hill    Enlisted in Co G. 1st Regiment Alabama and Tennessee Independent     Vidette Cavalry  17th March 1864


The brothers first appear in the 1850 Federal Census in the Roswell District, County of Cobb, State of Georgia.

James Hill 37 M W Farmer

Lucinda 25 F W

Henry 9 M W

Caroline 7 F

Elisha 6 M

Richard 5 M

Asa 2 M


By the 1860 Federal Census they are now in Division 2, County of DeKalb, State of Alabama, Post Office Lebanon


James P Hill   47   M   W   SC

Lucinda Hill  41   M   F   SC

Henry Hill   18   M   W   GA

Caroline Hill   16   F   W GA

Elisha Hill   15   M   W  GA  

George Hill  13   M   W GA

James A   11   M   W   GA

David   10   M   W   GA

Parmelia   1   F   W   AL


A family story that was passed down by my grandfather was that he had two uncles who were in the Confederate Army in Alabama.  Things were so bad for them and they were starving so they slipped off down the river one night and joined the Federal Army.


Henry’s daughter who was 94 at the time wrote and had published in the local newspaper the history of family coming to Missouri.  The following is an excerpt of what she said regarding the Civil War and her father.


The Prospect-News, Doniphan, MO   Thursday, March 9, 1978
The Hill Family Pioneers of
Ripley County, MO
Written by Lou Robinson

    When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Henry, then twenty years old, and another brother, George Hill, were drafted into the Rebel or Southern Army. George died with measles while in the Army.   Henry, lots of time cold, hungry and sick in an army camp training for a soldier, served until President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.   Henry, with thousands of other, crossed the lines, took the Oath of Allegiance, and joined the Union or Northern Army and served in it until the end of the most cruel, uncalled for war in the history in 1865.   Then the soldiers were mustered out, given an honorable discharge, and were allowed to go home.   (Henry kept his discharge all his life.   He was proud that he had something to show that he had served his country).


Richard (George) Hill didn’t survive the war and died less than 50 miles from home in
Bridgeport, AL in a Military Field Hospital of chronic diarrhea at the age of 16.  His brother Henry claimed his effects.    Richard is buried at the Chattanooga National Military Cemetery, Section H, Grave 10930


Above and right are documents regarding the death and collecting of the Effects (1 Dress Coat, 1 Pair Boots and 1 Great Coat) of Richard G. Hill




Elisha Joseph Chesley Hill

b. 03 January 1845  Cobb Co. GA

d. 10 April 1930  DeKalb Co. AL


Elisha Hill’s military service documentation is limited to one muster out document dated June 16, 1864, which also states “Only roll of company on which name appears.”


Following the war, Elisha returned to DeKalb County and set about trying to repopulate it.  He married Sarah Catherine Bates and they had 10 children.

            Fannie Hill

            Virginia Parmelia Hill b. 1868

            Henrietta Hill  b. 1869

            George Hill b. 1871

            John W. Hill b Jan 1872

            Mary Hill b 1874

            Jacob L. Hill b 1881

            Alice M. Hill    b Dec 1881

            Josephine M Hill  b. March 1883

            James Luther Hill b. June 1887


Following the death of Sarah, Elisha married Alice Carson with whom he had 4 additional children.


            Katie CB Hill b. Jan 1892

            James Chelsey Hill b 03 Jan 1894

            Thomas J Hill b March 1896

            Edgar Dewey Hill b 31 March 1899




The oldest of the Hill brothers was Henry Harrison Hill.  Henry was born 12 September 1841 in Cobb Co. GA.  On March 20, 1864 he enlisted in the 1st Regiment of Vidette Volunteers at the age of 22 at Bridgeport, AL.  On June 10, 1866, Henry married Polly Ann Wilson


in DeKalb County, AL.  Unlike his brother Elisha, Henry left DeKalb County, AL for Missouri to start a new life.  He took along with him a younger brother Asa (J.T.).  They first settled in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas.  They eventually moved to Ripley County, MO where they both homesteaded land.


Henry and Polly Ann had five children, three that lived to adulthood.

Mary Ellen Hill b 13 Dec 1867

William James Hill   b 20 Jan 1869

Lucina A Hill b 03 Dec 1883

Pearl Hill

Henry Hill


Henry died 12 June 1931 in his daughter’s home in Clay County, Arkansas.  He is buried in the Ponder Cemetery in Ponder, MO.



One article about Henry appeared in the Randolph County (AR) Historical Review, Volume 3 Number 1 – May 1967


Fourchee River Valley, By Lawrence Dalton

The first fork, east to west, is the “Doherty Creek.” This is a very fertile small river and in its valley once resided the well known Doherty family. They were known far and wide as cattle and sheep buyers. Also in this valley lived Uncle Henry Hill. Uncle Henry came here soon after the close of the Civil War, from the state of Georgia. But he did not carry with him the beliefs and tradition of the South. He was a Federal soldier during the war and carried his fervent faith in the Northern cause to his grave. He died at Reyno, AR about 30 years ago.


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