Company C


Head Springs Cemetery near Valley Head in DeKalb County, Alabama.

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N. P. Bouldain
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William D. Ellis
hgattlen.jpg (6631 bytes)
Harrison Gattlen
JJones.jpg (6918 bytes)
Sgt. Johnson Jones
wkoger.jpg (6203 bytes)
William Koger
alea.jpg (7275 bytes)
Lieut. Allen Lea

jlewis.jpg (7361 bytes)
Johnathan Lewis

Whitehall Cemetery Near Vally Head DeKalb County, Alabama

wcbray.jpg (9320 bytes)
W.C. Bray
WMcCormick.jpg (7806 bytes)
William McCormick
hsmith.jpg (7745 bytes)
Henry H. Smith
jtwhite.jpg (7350 bytes)
James T. White

Mountian Home Cemetery near Ider DeKalb County, Alabama

wcrabtree.jpg (6157 bytes)
Warren Crabtree
dcraze.jpg (6907 bytes)
Daniel Craze
walterlea.jpg (6179 bytes)
Walter Lea
jhlusk.jpg (7989 bytes)
J.H. Lusk

Beene Family Cemetery near Valley Head DeKalb County, Alabama

wdcrow.jpg (8448 bytes)
Washington D. Crow
jmorgan.jpg (9027 bytes)
John Morgan
Lmorgan.jpg (6884 bytes)
Lewis Morgan

Smith Chapel Cemetery near Ider DeKalb County, Alabama

rblevins.jpg (7803 bytes)
Richard Blevins
gslaten.jpg (6840 bytes)
Corpl. George Slaten

Valley Head Cemetery Valley Head DeKalb County, Alabama

phawkins.jpg (7711 bytes)
Preston Hawkins (Bugler)

Lookout Chapel Cemetery near Valley Head DeKalb County, Alabama

ajpainter.jpg (6831 bytes)
Andrew J. Painter

Glennwood Cemetery in Fort Payne DeKalb County, Alabama

wmdean.jpg (6145 bytes)
William M. Dean

Violet Hill Cemetery near Valley Head DeKalb County, Alabama

ccordell.jpg (11732 bytes)
Calvin Cordell

Fuller Cemetery in Ider DeKalb County, Alabama

apalmer.jpg (6471 bytes)
Abner Palmer

Deerhead Cove Cemetery near Ider DeKalb County, Alabama

gainsbadkins.jpg (8509 bytes)
Gains B. Adkins
Handmade stone reads born May 26, 1841 and was killed Jan 13, 1864

jsteele.jpg (7681 bytes)
John Steele

New Home Cemetery near Henagar DeKalb County, Alabama

hgcoots.jpg (7807 bytes)
Harris G. Coots

1/4 mile off of Hwy. 40 in the woods near top of the mountain DeKalb County, Alabama

jpalmore.jpg (8706 bytes)
Joseph Palmore

Fyffe Cemetery in Fyffe, DeKalb County, Alabama

johnwebb.jpg (13960 bytes)
John Webb

Morgan Cemetery Foot of Sand Moutain near Fyffe in DeKalb County, Alabama

josephfraffinstead.jpg (7066 bytes)
Joseph Traffinstead

'Old' Valley Head Cemetery in Valley Head, DeKalb County, Alabama

jamescooper.jpg (7638 bytes)
James Cooper

Red Hill Cemetery in Whitwell, Marion County,  Tennessee
Submitted by Clint Slayton

Wade Hampton Slatton

John Slaton

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