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Andrew Jackson Painter

Submitted by Alfred C. Ellis

Andrew Jackson Painter was born June 30th, 1841 and died September 2nd,
1911. He joined the First Alabama-Tennessee Vidette Cavalry in September,
1863. His wife was Jane Stewart. Jane and her twin sister, Sarah Ann,
were raised by Alfred and Alcey Ellis Long. Alfred Long was chosen as
Captain of the Company "C" of the Vidette. Sarah Ann, was married to Warren
Crabtree, also a member of the Company "C". Andrew's brother, Alexander,
was also a member of the Company "C".

Andrew and his wife, Jane, are buried in the Lookout Chapel Cemetery near
Sequoyah Caverns(Ellis Cave) in Dekalb County, Alabama.
The following is taken from a Deposition that Andrew gave for his father
James Painter's Application to Southern Claims in 1876:
"....I am the son of the claimant. I went into the Rebel Army in 1862,
October 1862. I volunteered into it because I did not think I could do
otherwise. I volunteered into the Cavalry(Confederate) because I thought my
chances would be better of going into the Federal Army when it came here.
And when it came here I went into it. I once ran away and left the Rebel
Army and they were after me and took me back and took my horse from me and I ran again and quit them I never fired a gun while in the Rebel Army except
at a squirrel. When the Federal Army got here I joined it and stayed 9
months until the regiment(Company B of the Vidette), which was a 12 months
regiment, was mustered out. My father was opposed to our going into the
Rebel Army......"

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