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Allen Lea and wife Elizabeth Owens

Picture and info provided by Jerry Stephens, Gloria Seymour and Mrs. Eunice Best

Allen Lea was born 1812 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee and he died in 1898 in DeKalb County, Alabama. His parents were William Lee/Lea II and Ann Brock.  He married 1st Nancy Hider/Hyder born 1812 North Carolina and died 1875 in DeKalb County, Alabama.  Allen married 2nd Elizabeth Owen.

Allen enlisted in Company C as a private.  He was later promoted to 2nd Lieutenant

Taken from Allen Lea's pension file:
" the present time said Lea is one of the very few unconditionally loyal men in the state, and that in consequnce of that loyatly his lie is in danger from his rebel neighbors who are threatening to kill him when the Troops are with drawn."

                                                                    Alexander Inness
                                                                     Capt 4oth Regt                                
                                                                     U.S. Col Infantrey



Stevenson, Ala. Nov, 08 ,1863

Capt. J.N. Young.



I have the honor to inform you that a vacancy in the 2nd. Lieutenancy of Co.
"C" Ala. Cavalry existing, by reason of the decease of Lieut. Elly',
application has been made to me to muster Private Allen Lea , as 2nd. Lieut. 
The question           ground whether I am authorized to do it.  The Company
at the Muster, Oct. 1863 had not the minimum strength by reason of the deaths
and      finds the original members         , By G.O. War dept. and  Second Lieut. shall be mustard in a Company not being up to the minimum standard.  Then being no 1st Lieut. Mustered, the Second Lieut., should be with the company but this was        which is not provided for by G.O.

       It is to me rather a perplexing question.   Something ought to be done to
secure       Officer for this company as Capt. Long is at present at  physically not able to do duty, and as to his ever being able to do justic to a company it is a question which the      future will              in a favor.
       Capt. Allen commanding Co. "C" has been persuing me to muster a 1st Lieut.,  stating that it were impossible for him to do without one…
                        Awaiting your opinion on the subject
                        I have the honor to be a Captain,
                        Very respectfully
                            Wm G. Wedemeyer?
                            Ast. Commd. ?* might be Wm. G

Stevenson, Ala.
March 25, 1864

Dear Govet.

Wish to inform you that My. Cap. is dead and I am the only officer left in
control and I am detached on detail as recruiting officer for my Regt.  A
portion of my company is at Whiteside, Tenn. and a portion at Bridgeport
without any officer.  I ask to be released from recruiting service for the
present and be allowed to get my company all together at Whiteside and have a
Capt. And Lt. Elected or Appointed so I can proceed to Whiteside and take
charge of my Company, and await for further orders from you on the proper
authority you will confer        Favor by having my Company fully
organized.  We have one hundred and two          in all.

Allen Lea, 1st Lt.
Co. C
1st. Ala. Vidette Cav.

These letters were photocopied from the Chattanooga Library at Chattanooga, Tenn by James David Duham.   

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