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Members of the eWrestling Hall of Fame

Official Al Marvelous Homepage

-`Big' Al Marvelous or Big Al, is a very well known eWrestler. He started in the SGWF but moved his way up the eWrestling ladder of success to what is now the IWL. He is was the first wrestler in the NFWL before its transformation to the WWL, then the HWA, followed by the NWF, which remains its present day name, where he resides as World Champion. Since coming to the IWL in late November, Marvelous has been a willing and eager participant ever since his arrival.

Official Ramone 'El Amonte' Cerveza homepage

- This man has revolutionized Cruiserweight divisions anywhere he goes! Check this youngster out today!"

Official Deathcall Homepage

- Deathcall is one of the fiercest cruiserweights ever to step into the squared circle. He has had lengthy feuds with several heavyweights, some of which quality title contenders, which many times Deathcall has been victorious.

Official Nosferatu Homepage

-If there were a eWrestling Hall of Fame, on person that must be in it would be Nosferatu. He has simply dominated every fed he has graced. Many opponents, recently Vindicator, have felt the wrath of Nosferatu and been sent to the Hospital. Nosferatu is one, if not, of the icons in eWrestling History.

Official Spazzz Homepage

- If Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon or Chris Benoit were to combined themselves into an eWrestler, Spazzz would appear. He combines quickness and technical wrestling, brawling with High Flying Moves, he is one of the best Cruiserweights ever. He HAS wrestled with tough heavyweights and come out victorious, this man has Hall of Fame written all over him.

Official Slam Homepage

- If we're talking cruiserweights who can compete with Heavyweights, you MUST talk about Slam. With many great IWL Heavyweights in a recent Supercard, Slam outlasted them all in an over the Top Rope Battle Royale. He went to to lose to the World Champion, but gave a valiant effort.

Official Crash Homepage

-If quality was quickness, this man would be a speeding bullet. He was racked up wins wherever he goes.

Official Warlock Homepage

-To some wrestlers, Power is the name of the game. To this wrestler, the name is brute power. Warlock contains power beyond belief and he has shown it in many aspects of IWL wrestling.

Official Cupid Kid Cash Homepage

-Another high flyer who can dazzle his opponents into submission, well not quite but this self proclaimed stud is a force to be wreckened with!

Official "Hotshot" Mike Stewart Homepage

-If we're talking Titles, than this man wins hands down. "Hotshot" Mike Stewart has won over 20 major eWrestling titles in his career and is far from being over. With his devestating finishing move, he has and will continue to rocket straight to wherever he goes!

Official LOCO Homepage

- LOCO is a rough, tough wrestler who will take you to the limit. He has aleady done things in the eWrestling World many people would dream of doing. Although, don't think for a second that he's done, look inside!

Official Lethal Leaders Homepage

- If you are looking for a tag team to model after, look no further. This tag team has won the largest amount of titles I have ever seen!

Official Flawless Model Homepage

-The Flawless Model is true legend in the sport. He has been Cruiserweight Champion, World Champion, and everything in between.

Official Mike Hart Homepage

-The fed, NCWA, the eWrestling Hall of Famer, `Iron' Mike Hart. This relative newcomer to eWrestling has taken what he has by storm, which has been the NCWA. He arrived into the NCWA and what seemed like moments later, won the World Heavyweight title, all I can say is, WOW!

Official Rick "The Technician" Melmoore Homepage

-The fed, NCWA, the eWrestling Hall of Famer, Rick "The Technician" Melmoore. Melmoore, also a newcomer, has wrestled again some of the biggest and baddest the NCWA has to offer. He has engaged in feuds with some of the toughest individuals to play the game, but he plays to win.

Official Demolishionist Homepage

- In his short time eWrestling he has remained a top contender for each and every title in his efeds, coming into grasps with most of them, with me get his hands on some gold? my guess is, YES!

Official Special Agent Homepage

- The Special Agent is one of the USA's best wrestlers, for a good reason. He has dominated the ranks of titles of the CWO, and he wants more!

Official Malibu Mike Homepage Homepage

- Malibu Mike has turned from a jobber to literally a force to be rockened with! WATCH AND LEARN!

Official Official Aztek Homepage

- Aztek is certainly a force to be afraid of. This man has the size of an elephant, the speed of a tiger, and the brains of a.....monkey?! Check it out, this guy has gone places!