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Greatest IWL Victories

Recently returned to action and helped Maurice Henri defeat Thorn, Eric 'Hellfire' Lassen and Brett 'Blood' Rose.

Scored a pinfall over CWO superstars Aztek & Brett 'Blood' Rose. Rose is an IWL Cruiserweight Champion.

Also holds an IWL Silver medal, in the ladder ascent event at the IWL Olympics.

Defeating Acey Mack for his 2nd IWL Television Title

- Scarlet Psycho, whom he defeated to win the IWL Television Title and the only pinfall loss Scarlet Psycho ever has against him

- Almighty V, whom is former IWL Intercontinental Champion.

- 'Dr. D' Dale D'Amico, who is former IWL Intercontinental Champion

The Optomitrist, whom he beat not once, but twice in one night!

- Defeated 'The King' Kevin Payne

- Has defeated the Warlock on two occasions.