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Personal Information

You can reach `Big' Al Marvelous at

- Also to the dismay of many of the IWL's female fans, Al Marvelous got married to his longtime girlfriend, Miss Heather, is a romantic ceremony off the coast of Milan on their private cruise ship.

- Marvelous recently opened up his own clothing line 'Marvelesque' and its due to hit stores this fall.

-Even though `Big' Al Marvelous has retired from actively wrestling in the IWL. Marvelous has recently signed a new extended contract with the IWL, that now has him doing weekly commentary alongside IWL President Jon-Paul Decosse everyweek on Wednesday Night Rumble. Word has it that he also has future duties, but more on that later!

[As of May 5th, 1998]

- `Big' Al Marvelous has been promoted to Executive Vice President of the Internet Wrestling League, as Tim 'Krai' Kysko was promoted to co-President. Marvelous is now the only VP in the IWL. His duties will increase in the following weeks, but as of now, he will oversee the Saturday Night Fever broadcasts, alongside Robert Champion.