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Al Marvelous, real name Alberto, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 15, 1973. His father, Jacques Marvelesques, celebrated his birth by winning the WCF Canadian Middleweight Title.

When Al turned fourteen years old, he entered his father's own wrestling promotion, the CWA. He wrestled under the name "Montana Marveliza Jr." as a mexican gimmick. He quickly defeat the other wrestlers, 20 year olds, and won the Super Featherweight Title. About two weeks later, he found out that his father, had booked his son to win, which is where he quit. His father was furious, and told him that is was part of the business. But Al wanted to be a wrestler by himself, not in his fathers shadow. They eventually made up, but soon after Al decided, with his fathers blessing, that the only way for him to make it in the business was to do it by himself. He had many promoters and scouts approach him once he declared himself a 'free agent', but all wanted him to be portrayed as 'the son of Jacques Marvelesques', that was the opposite of what he wanted.

After many months of trying to find a job, he settled for the SSWF, a regional promotion based in Florida as the "Masked Marauder". He even received an advertising commercial for Quaker State, but he still didn't get the respect and recognition he felt he deserved. He then took a turn for the worst. He lost his title to a newcomer, "Flash Gigazia" the son of the head booker. He stormed into the SSWF Offices and demanded to see the booker. After being escorted out via Security, he was fired.

Al Marvelous then moved to the West Coast, where he started to tag with a man named 'Doc' River Hollywood, which is when the team of 'Stunning Stars' was born. The team was what no other West Coast organization had ever seen. They broke records for the most wins, and won the respect of their West Coast peers, but still, the East Coast paid no attention. While holding six Tag Team Titles, The Stunning Stars hit the Middle USA scene, defeating teams as far away as Texas, New Mexico, Florida and North Carolina. The team then traveled to New York State, which is where they were defeated in the finals of the WCCF Tag Team Tournament to unify eleven Tag Team Title belts, in which Marvelous & Hollywood held seven. They were the heavy favourites, but a team named "Crime & Grime" defeated them. "Crime & Grime" was a 'ringer' team, which was almost DQ'ed for not having the required invitation. BUT, none other than Jacques Marvelesque vouched for them.

After losing to C&G, the Stunning Stars left the West Coast and went to Mexico. They wrestled as the "Fighting Patriots", an American gimmick, even though Al Marvelous is from Canada and 'Doc' River Hollywood is from Vancouver. They trained with Mil Mascaras Sr. and many other Lucha Legends. Five years later, Marvelous decided it was time to go back north of the border which is where he returned, Austin, Texas.

Doc Hollywood stayed in Mexico, while Marvelous wrestled as "Jake Dynamite". It was there that he won his first 'World' Title. He defeated James "Cyborg" Deluka in an Ironman match 4 falls to 2. He defended the NTWF World Title for eleven months, until the Promotion folded, therefore he never lost the title.

After the NTWF shut down, Marvelous was a 'Free Agent' again. This time, the head booker for the NTWF got a job at the TWD. The TWD, a Promotion in the Northern East Coast, signed Marvelous right away. They even gave him control over his own gimmick. He soared almost instantly.

He became the TWD Cruiserweight Champion, and 1/3 of the Triple Tag Team Champions, with a fresh 'Doc' River Hollywood & Rocko Perry. The team held the titles for eight months, before losing them when Perry was downed with the Flu, and couldn't defend them one night, thus they were stripped.

After losing the Triple Tag Titles, Marvelous focussed completely on his Cruiserweight Championship. He defended the title to any opponent, but unfortunately lost the title to his VERY OWN brother, Victor Marvelesques, in a much heated battle. Victor made his entrance when his father signed to commentate a special Supercard for TWD. He tried to 'help' Al, but cost him the match. Al responded by walking away from his father, which prompted Victor to 'put Al in place'. After a three month feud, Victor manipulated his father into throwing in the towel, in a 'Loser Quits TWD' match. Marvelous left the TWD, but better things were still to come.

After the much publicized 'family feud' Marvelous took thirteen months off, and moved to Beverley Hills. That is where he signed a three movie deal, worth 1.3 Million Dollars. ALL THREE movies were complete disasters, and through his fathers new promotion, the ATCW (Atlantic Trans-Canada Wrestling) they made fun of him on live Television.

This was a downside in the life of Al Marvelous. He was introduced to steroids through a hollywood bodybuilder, and soon got into cocaine. After six weeks of blowing nearly $64,000 on cocaine, Marvelous reached rock-bottom. He checked himself into a treatment facility. This is where he met Miss Julie.

Two weeks later, Marvelous was almost completely clean. Because of his physical health being so good, he was able to 'flush' the drugs out of his system a lot easier than other addicts. He soon spent every waking moment in the gym, training to become #1 again. As soon as he left the treatment centre, he started dating his nurse, Miss Julie.

In 1996, when Al Marvelous made his return to Professional Wrestling, he was a changed man. He had grown two inches, put on twenty pounds of muscle, and had a gorgeous valet to call his own. He returned to the with, wrestling with the SGWF. He was guaranteed a contract with a 'major promotion' if he wrestled well in the SGWF, and most of all, stayed clean. In his first three matches with SGWF, he beat every opponent in under three minutes, and even beat the US Champion in a non-title. The major promotion came calling, the major promotion, was the Internet Wrestling League.

Al Marvelous signed a contract with the IWL on January 11th, 1997, he proclaimed this day the best day of his life. He defeated his first IWL Opponent, CRUSHER, in 11 seconds, an IWL Record. His next few matches however, proved to be quite tainted.

The next few weeks, some comments towards Storm & Mankind surfaced, and the result wasn't good. In a match against Storm, Mankind came from behind and cost Marvelous the match. This enraged Marvelous, as he had never succumb to such interference. Marvelous faced Mankind, and the result wasn't very pleasing. Marvelous was humiliated. He lost a falls-count-anywhere match which left Marvelous covered in hot dog products. In the end, it was a lesson, he wouldn't soon forget.

The next few months were 'growing' times for Al Marvelous. He won some, he lost some. He learned, he whined, he complained, he cried, BUT, he didn't go back to narcotics. Miss Julie made sure of that. As well as learning, over the next few months Marvelous would form a friendship with 'Dr. D' Dale D'Amico.

It was March, Marvelous had been stumbling through his first months in the 'big leagues'. He had learned, loved, and most of the time, lost. He thought it was time for a change. He took his vacation time, and took a leave of absence from the IWL and trained. He went to Oxford, England, and trained with 'Sir' Charles D. Mann, the trainer of Steven Regal, and Davey Boy Smith. He taught Marvelous more about technical wrestling than most will ever know. Also, it was Sir Mann's daughter, whom Marvelous would bring back to America, Miss Heather. Miss Julie was a symbol of change, and her change wasn't working in the IWL. So, she got the boot. In came Miss Heather.

When Al Marvelous returned to an IWL ring, he was a changed man. He was a little more toned, as most of his improvement came with Speed & Agility, as well as technical wrestling. He fought long, he fought hard, and a short time later, he paid off. He defeated the likes of The Warlock, future IWL Intercontinental Champion, Almighty V, and eventually, The Scarley Psycho, for the IWL Television Title. Not only did he win the Television Title, but he still hands the bragging rights to be the only person to cleany defeat the Scarlet Psycho.

During his first reign as IWL Television Champion, Marvelous proudly wore the TV Strap. He defeated any man who stepped into the ring, until 5 Cruiserweights decided to make it difficult for him. During the time before Marvelous went away to train, he had become involved with a secret Stable, The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle contained many of the Top IWL Cruiserweights, except for Marvelous, he was the only Heavyweight. The stable consisted of Slam, Shooting Star, Fire Mexica, The Loner & Spazzz.

Now, Marvelous had to defend his TV Title against IWL Superstar "The Real Deal" Acey Mack. While Acey Mack was in the ring, Marvelous was attacked by The INNER CIRCLE. They injured his leg, so he was easy pickings for Mack.

After losing the Title, this enraged his friends, and newly aquired stablemates, 'Dr. D' Dale D'Amico, Cirus 'The Virus' D'Amico, and Rocko 'The Rock' Perry. The stable was called "Cosa Nostra" and they took action. They started ambushing TIC members in their respective matches, and interfering any chance they could.

Only a few short weeks after losing the title, Marvelous rebounded and earned a re-match against Acey Mack. During the match, TIC locked every Cosa Nostra member in rooms throughout the arena, so they couldn't help Marvelous win the Title for a second time. This plan was no good, as Marvelous regained the Television Title anyway. He did get help from Acey Mack's manager, Mr. Johnson, who turned on Acey during the match. This had no connection to Marvelous.

With the Television Title back in place, the Cosa Nostra was on fire. Cirus & Dale were heading towards World Tag Team Gold, as Rocko Perry was tearing up the competition. BUT, they're main focus was still TIC. The only option President Decosse had was to sign a match containing both stables, this was the Canadian Death Match.

The match was supposed to take place at IWL Sunstroke, a Supercard in June. It had both teams, 4 vs. 4, playing a game of hockey against each other. Unfortunately, before the Supercard match was to take place, Dale & Cirus D'Amico left the Cosa Nostra, thus abandoning Marvelous & Perry. Perry and Marvelous, took action. As Rocko Perry focussed on Cirus D'Amico, and just purely injuring one, Distruct, as Marvelous focussed on Dale D'Amico, almost forgetting about his Television Title.

It was the middle of June, and Marvelous was not focussed. Heather was away filming a movie, and he couldn't defend the TV Title everyweek and watch D'Amico like he wanted. TIC, being smart, took advantage of this. They signed a match for Fire Mexica to wrestle Marvelous for his Title. With Marvelous spending every waking moment on Dale D'Amico, Mexica captured the TV Title with little trouble.

After taking a week off to regain some composure and to look at his priorities, Marvelous returned and challenged D'Amico. D'Amico denied, as he was now strictly tagging with his brother Cirus.

The scene was the IWL Sunstroke Preview card. Marvelous was to have an interview with President Decosse, when he stated to Decosse that he would do anything to get his hands on Marvelous, and anything was what he did. Marvelous challenged D'Amico to a 'Loser Leaves IWL for 30 Days' match.

Just 24 hours away from the Supercard, President Decosse signed the match. With the interference from Distruct, Rocko Perry, and Cirus D'Amico, Al Marvelous was defeated by Dale D'Amico, and thus had to leave the IWL for 30 days.

During that 30 days, he spent more time with Miss Heather, and travelled with her. He soon learned that she was pregnant, and the baby was due in early November. When he came back to the IWL, everything had changed. Distruct had formed a stable with Rocko Perry, known as the Bash Brothers. D'Amico had won the Intercontinental Championship, and his former friends, were now his enemies.

This was a very confusing time for Marvelous, as he didn't seem to have a place with the IWL anymore. He wrestled less, and interviewed more. He didn't seem to want to go anywhere in the IWL anymore. To make matters worse, when he did return, his back started to ache after the matches. Sure, he was getting older, but not that fast.

Marvelous went to see several back specialists, and was told similar things, if he didn't retire, he would risk permanant damage. Marvelous, being a level-headed person, did the only responsible thing, and hung up his boots, in a touching press conference.

Only a few weeks after retiring, Marvelous was contacted by President Decosse to be a guest on Wednesday Night Rumble, a weekly IWL Broadcast. With the booming success of that show, Marvelous was signed to be a regular commentator with President Decosse on WNR.

A few months later, Marvelous replaced the 'injured' Shawn Nottage as regular commentator and IWL Employee on the IWL Show, 'OVERDRIVE', with JC Blake. These two retired wrestlers gave an interesting look at the action inside the ring, as well as out.

Marvelous enjoyed his time behind the broadcast booth, until Prince $$$ Perfect, whom was representing the CWO, decided to make some remarks about the IWL. Marvelous, being an loyal IWL supporter, decided to take measures into his own hands.

Marvelous, being an IWL Hall of Famer (One of three to be first inducted), stood up for the IWL, rebutting to the CWO's remarks. Even challenging them at one point. With challenges made, President Decosse made `Big' Al Marvelous the Captain of TEAM IWL, in a four vs. four elimination match at the upcoming IWL Supercard: Suvival of the Fittest.

Marvelous chose his teammates, and made his spectacular return to the ring at this major extravaganza. He put on a legendary show as he single handedly eliminated two wrestlers, Aztek & Brett "Blood" Rose, until being eliminated by the eventual winner, Jack "Tower of Terror" Harper.

Marvelous didn't go silently, as he returned after the match, and pounded Harper, with a steel chair, and had to be held back by President Decosse.

At Survival of the Fittest, Overdrive co-host JC Blake also returned to the ring, thus vacating his position on IWL Overdrive. President Decosse abruptly cancelled the show, and instead decided to pack Wednesday Night Rumble & Saturday Night Fever with even better matches action!! A few short weeks later, Marvelous was switched to hosting the Saturday Night Fever broadcast with President Decosse. After a few months, President Decosse decided to hand his broadcast position over to another IWL employee, Senior Editor Robert Champion.

The date was late April, 1998. The event was IWL Apocalypse. Dale D'Amico had promised to quit the IWL if he was not victorious. It took eight men to eliminate D'Amico, but in the end, he was not victorious, and he quit. `Big' Al Marvelous has had his rivalries with D'Amico, but outside the ring, they have always remained close friends.

After a long awaited absence, and many long nights speaking with Marvelous, D'Amico finally returned to the IWL. `Big' Al Marvelous remained a commentator, but also became an advisor to his friend, inside & outside of the ring.

This all changed. It happened during a match, mid-June. D'Amico had wrestled a grueling match against Cerberus, and after he had won the match with his dreaded 'Pain Killer', he decided not to release the hold. As it appeared, D'Amico had snapped. Marvelous left the broadcasting booth, in hopes of helping D'Amico regain his senses. Marvelous was able to persuade D'Amico to release his claw-hold, and when Marvelous was about to leave the ring, D'Amico nailed his longtime friend with a steel chair, sending him sprawling into the guard rail. Medical crew took Marvelous to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with a serious spinal injury.

Marvelous spent most of his summer resting and spending time with his wife & young son. Marvelous returned to his broadcasting position just in time for IWL television special; Wednesday Night Dynamite which took place on August 19th, 1998.

During the middle of October, then-current IWL President Tim ‘Krai’ Krysko resigned as President of the IWL, in order to pursue other interests. The void left by Tim left a position that many wanted, and Marvelous seemed to be a top runner for the Presidency. After many interviews with UWAC Commissioner Decosse and senior officials, it was in fact Alistair Leyland, and not `Big’ Al Marvelous that was crowned IWL Chairperson of a committee that would succeed the IWL Presidency. Marvelous was overjoyed as he was named the first ever IWL Spokesperson of the Wrestlers Association. Marvelous continues to commentate weekly on IWL Wednesday Night Rumble, and he is looking forward to an excellent future that the IWL holds.

In early November, `Big' Al Marvelous left his position as Spokesperson of the IWL Wrestling Association to manage his nephew and upcoming wrestler, Maurice Henri. Marvelous managed Henri in the OWC for a few weeks, before being offered a chance to step into the ring once again. Marvelous jumped at the chance and teamed with Maurice Henri to defeat the Triad, which consisted of Thorn, Eric 'Hellfire' Lassen & Brett 'Blood' Rose. Marvelous showed any critics why he is indeed a legend by helping Henri defeat the threesome.

Days after leading his nephew, Maurice Henri, to winning the OWC World Heavyweight Championship, Marvelous & Henri quit the OWC due to contract disputes. Henri immediately signs with the IWL, as does Marvelous. Henri wins his debut match on Wednesday Night Rumble against Zombie Targos, without Marvelous at ringside. Rumours fly about a possible breakup, but it turns out Marvelous had not applied for a managerial license, thus was not permitted at ringside.

With the recent return of Dale D'Amico, along with his brothers Benecio & Cirus, rumours run rampant about a possible re-formation of the Cosa Nostra. No parties have yet to comment on the rumours, which only adds to the possibility.