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Hey~! My name is Whitney. I chat as ~*~H@ ~*~, ~*~WhItNeY~*~, or ~*~(/\)h~*~ . I'm 5'3" and have blue eyes and brown hair. I'm 13 and in 7th grade at Andalusia Middle School~! I like all kinds of music EXCEPT rap! I like to play softball, chat, talk on the phone , and be w/my friends!

Well, I won't bother you with anymore. I know that most of you that come here are in AlaChat or Infinity, and don't want to time out. Remember to sign my Guest Book, though....It was messed up and I had to replace it, so if you've already signed it please sign it again~! Only the coolest people do~!!** BYE~!!!!!

Go AnDy BuLlDoGs ~!!

Come back again~!~! My page will be changing a lot~!

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