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Seth Lewis

well folks, yuppers, this is seth... ol' mr smeph or algadon or whatever you decide to call him, he's the main focus of this page if ya hadn't noticed!! so here's a lil bit more "inside" info on our hero, from his own fingers!

thank you very much, yes, i am seth... ol' mr smeph or algadon or whatever you decide to call me, i am the editer and creator of this little page! (it's no wonder it's all about me..) i hope you can get something out of it! anyhow, i guess i'll let you in on a little "personal" info, like.. i am a senior. whew.. okey.. i am also 17. well, not too long and i'll be 18, so there you have it! i am a Christian through and through, because He loved me enough to die for me!!! also, i would be a pitiful mess without Him. i go to Southwood Prez for church, and i play geetar. (i also pretend to play piano, but that's a deep dark secret) so, i guess the next thing you want to hear about is..

my girlfriend!!!

Crystal=)=) she has got to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me=) we have been going out for about six months now, and she is awesome=) she is a wonderful friend, and always points me back to Jesus just when i need it the most=) she is an inspiration and a light in my darkness, and i love her=) of course, this would never be a good sum up of me if it didn't have..

My Wonderful Family!!!

yes, my family is the best ever, and nobuddie can ever convince me otherwise! i love my sis an bro's an mom an dad probly more than anyone else in the whole world, an they have always been there for me=) my sis is married, and lives in B'ham, my oldest bro is going to be married soon, and my other bro is at college, that leaves me.. home all alone as an only child! but dont you fret, i really don't mind=) okey, one more thing..

My Dog

yes, this is our beautiful dog miss min, or cinnamin, she has been around almost as long as i have, and she is still goin strong=) well.. sometimes.. she howls.. but.. she's a good dog=) okey, well, that's all for now folks!!!