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Personal Information & Tips

Well, to tell you a little boring stuff about myself. I am 38 and have been married to my wonderful husband for 19.5 of those 38 years. We have two children, Justin and Kaylan Diane. Justin is 16 and loves his sports. Kaylan Diane is 8 and loves to be the center of attention. My family attends the Church of Christ in a small town in Alabama. I try to instill family values in my children because that's one of my many jobs as a MOTHER. I believe that you should be true to yourself and do the best you can with what you have. You need friends and family all around you to be happy. I love to watch the "Divine Diva" Bette Midler's movies and listen to her music. My favorite movie is "Stella" and my favorite song is "Every Road" sung by ,, you guest it, MISS M. I like to surf the net, chat with friends Emmy ;-), Amy(bent_halo1). One more thing before I go, if your wondering what that is I'm standing by in the pix above, it is BAMBI when he was a 4 point. LOL.. That'll teach my hubby to ask me to go hunting with him and his buddies. I wouldn't post the whole picture because I didn't want to get HATE mail from all those anti-everything people...heehee. Don't feel bad for him because we said "Grace" over him everytime we cooked up a mess of good ole "vinison". So, Smile =o) and be happy!!!