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A Veil of Love My Personal Story

Me... Who am I? Good question...
Well, I have been called a lot of things in my short, but very full life...Angel, Princess, Inspirational, A "Miracle", Hard Headed, Stubborn, Courageous, Brave and lots of other things that are somewhat hard for me to identify with. I guess I just see me as me... A Dreamer...A Survivor...A human being that God created with a special purpose, but for what purpose, remains to be seen.
Statistically and physically, I am a 37-year old female who lives in the south and has been on a journey of great experience and vision with the medical field and living life. Divorced after 14 years of marriage and no children, I find my immediate family to consist of me and two wonderful, little lap miniature pomeranians, B.B. & Ke-Lei who are my "babies" and love me unconditionally...
My passions in life are wide range... I love photography and the arts. They allow me to express myself and view the world through a tiny box and see all it has to offer while stirring my very soul. I enjoy reading, but writing and music capture my soul. Music itself has a way of reaching in and touching and healing with the simplest of words and thoughts, and writing helps me to convey the spirit that rests inside of me to know that I'm alive.
Of my achievements in life, I can count a few things and have been blessed tremendously. At age 17, I was diagnosed with heart disease and was given 6 months to live... (fooled them didn't I? :) However, I was treated medically by two wonderful doctors and with God's grace and my "donor", I was given a "second chance" with a life saving "heart transplant" operation at the age of 24...Life took on new meaning...To be inspire, touch others and possibly helped them through trials of their own with the knowledge I've been blessed with through my own, has been a gift from God. It all opened my eyes to a new scope of life around seem to bloom differently, days seemed to matter more...independence was mine and God had blessed me.
My dreams and aspirations for the future are basic and simple: To lead more of a "normal" life and be worry free; To face the challenge of staying healthy and fit and to accomplish the goals that God chooses to set out before me each day; To learn to take each day as it comes and no more; And to become more independent and continue to inspire others when I can...:)
(To be continued... not over yet :)

My Journey Continues...Part 2