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We do not have to justify our pleasure in the illusion of love. The soul thrives on fleeting fantasies of love as much as it does on lifelong partnerships.

Hello~and Welcome...

To my place...A place to relax and ponder... to enjoy...My goal is to share and create a "haven" to explore, share, create and inspire... In here you will find the thoughts, images and writings of friends, family, self, lovers and acquaintances... All given and produced with love... This will be a journey from the creative souls in my life to the lighthearted fun loving ones who have entered it at some point and time and caused me to "smile".

You will also find here the veils of my life... created with love, for love and by love (yes, thats my name,Vicky Love, aka/Lovechild). Through peeking in, lifting up and sometimes even removing these veils, I will try to bring some positive light and peaceful moments into a world that seems all too saturated with darkness...Now for your enjoyment:)

Veils of Dreams

Veils of Passion

Veils of Trials

Veils of Wisdom

Veils of Friendship

Veils of Life

Quotations of the Heart

The Veil of LOVE...

My Personal Story

My Journey Continues...

Part Two

All my offerings are yours for the taking... If you find something that touches you... moves you... excites you... inspires you... feel free to use it... My only wish is that you use it in love... Because when all is said and done that is what we exist for... ~LOVE~ :)

Love puts the music in laughter,
the beauty in song,
the warmth in a shoulder,
the gentle in strong.

Love puts the magic in memories,
the sunshine in skies,
the gladness in giving,
the starlight in eyes...

Love puts the fun in together,
the sadness in apart,
the hope in tomorrow,
the joy in a heart.

I love to hear from viewers of my always makes my day a little please don't forget to sign my guestbook or email me at addy below. Thanks for dropping by...~VLL~
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'Links of the Heart'

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