Quiz # 1 CGS 1555

Please answer all of the questions carefully and submit to timg1@ibm.net . Subject heading should state: Quiz 1.

1. What is TCP/IP and why is it important?

2. List the 7 organizational domains?

3. T/F Hyperlinks are always blue and underlined?

4. The World Wide Web and the Internet are one and the same. Agree or Disagree. Explain.

5. Why is a Search Tool so valuable?

6. What is a Protocol?

7. After email is opened, where do the email file(s) reside?

8. List 3 ways to get to the homepage?


9. Identify each of the parts of the URL: http://www.xyz.com/northeast/museum/mummy.htm
    a. http://aaaaaaaaa
    b. www.xyz.comaaa
    c. .comaaaaaaaaaa
    d. northeastaaaaaa
    e. museumaaaaaaa
    f. mummyaaaaaaaa
    g. .htmaaaaaaaaaa

10. List the Protocol(s) for each of the following:
    a. Internet.
    b. WWW.
    c. Email.
    d. Search Engine.