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Toon In World

Snoopy Tribute
Welcome to Toon In World!
*My regards to Mr. Schulz. The world has lost it's greatest comic strip artist. My online tribute can be seen at*
This is where you can actually read some Toon In strips from my very first "series". You may not be rolling in laughter, but I hope you enjoy the adventures of Carrot and Ruf as much as I do. If you or anyone you know would like to put Toon In in your newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc., please email me!!! Thanks to Gary Blehm for the idea of posting these on the net! Thanks to Tom Trujillo for being the first ever to publish a Toon In series. (Check out the Testimony, Grand Junction Colorado's Christian Newspaper)
Click below to view-be patient, they can take forever to load! ALL COMIC STRIPS (c)1999/2000/2001 by Josh Anderson. No part of these comic strips may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author of the strip.

***~NewsFlash:(5-13-01)The all new Toon In World is here!!!
(3-19-01) The new Toon In sight is on it's way!! It will be here by MAY!!!
(7-16-00)I now have some groovy ToonIn stickers for available, see the Merc section.
(1-4-00)A revamped Toon In site is on it's way!
Old News:(5-5-99)Today is NAtional Cartoonist's Day! (4-26-99)I probably will not put up anymore cartoons until after Y2K. I wouldn't want to put all this work into a site just to have it crash in a few months:)~***

Church Time
Ruf is Carrot's Keeper
Tithe or Eat?
Gramps Has Arrived!
Not So QuietTime
Scripture Can't Memorization
Rubber Bone
Silly Puddy
Ceiling Fan
Tears In Heaven
The first Toon In strip EVER!!
This Toon In strip was featured in the January 1998 issue of Breakaway magazine(an internationally distributed magazine)
Carrot's always changing, but this is his most current look:)

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Well, I guess I should start off by saying, Duke is the oldest Toon In character although he is now kind of infrequent compared to Carrot and Ruf. I came up with Duke (I think) in 1991 when I was in the 5th grade. The main idea for Duke came from the iguanna in the Fox Trot comics. Duke was very poplar among my friends in school and everyone wanted me to draw him for them. But not long after Duke, I came up with Carrot. The spark that started my idea for Carrot was the baby Bugs Bunny in "Old Gray Hare". I'm guessing it was late 1991 because the earliest dated picture of Carrot that I can find is dated 1991. I don't know about Ruf but he came very shortly after Carrot. Well, I liked these two new characters so much that I began to phase Duke out (Along with a host of other characters that I have never liked very much. Only recently have I decided to keep Duke as a 3rd character when Carrot and Ruf need another cast member. Well, then March 17, 1992 I started Carrot Comics. This was a book where I just let my imagination go and Carrot did anything and everything in his cartoon world. After it got 100 pages long I started Book II which is sitting stagnant at page 51 as I write this. But just because the book isn't flowing doesn't mean Carrot and Ruf aren't. Over the span of the last 9 years, I have probably drawn a million drawings of Carrot and Ruf doing everything under the sun. I call these Carrot and Ruf Doodles and I'm considering posting some on this website. In 1996 I took a week long cartooning class that was really geared for elementary kids, but that's where I came up with the name for my strip and actually drew the first Toon In strip. A while later one of my favorite magazines, Breakaway, started a new column on the back cover called Toon Corner. I submitted a Toon In strip and it was published January of 1998. This was really cool because this magazine is distributed world wide. Later a submitted a monthly strip to Grand Junction's Christian newspaper The Testimony. It ran for a year and I didn't get any feed back(but, hey, us cartoonists have to deal with rejection all the time-right?) Well, those strips were completed when I was 18. Over all this time I have done a few cool things with Carrot and Ruf. They have appeared on buttons, glass etching, ...uh..a toy car..., ceramics including a tile and a clay sculpture of Carrot(very ugly). Most importantly I had them copywrited. My mom has so graciously helped me make shirts and hats(Thanks to ETS Embroidery). OK, and now to the present: I'm working on another series to see if the The Testimony will take 'em....(More to come....)

THANK YOU LORD!for everything. Thanks Mom, Dad and Wes. I love you.
My greatest influences include:Ross Bagdasarian's "Alvin & the Chipmunks", Warner Brother's "Bugs Bunny" and "Daffy Duck" ,Jim Davis' "Garfield" and Charles Schulz' Peanuts (Snoopy mainly). But I love so many cartoons and comic strips: Shirt Tales, Heathcliff, Get-a-long Gang, Bravestar, The Transformers, Ghostbusters(both), Pole Position, Scooby Doo, All Loony Tunes and Merrie Melodies, Pinky and the Brain, Tiny Toons, Peanuts, most of the Smurfs, most Japanimation, One Big Happy, Rocko's Modern Life, The GoBots, Tom and Jerry (most Tex Avery cartoons), Superfriends, Thundercats, Spiderman (peticularly the old 80's one), He-Man & Shera, sort of Ren & Stimpy, B.C. by Johnny Hart, Carebears, Mask, Denver the Last Dinosaur, The Dino-Riders, sort of Gumby, Captain N and Super Mario Brothers (the games are cool too), just about all the old Hanna-Barbara cartoons (Flinstones, Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, etc.), sort of the Simpsons, Mickey Mouse (Most Disney stuff that', Chip N Dale's rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck and more I can't think of:)
Carrot & Ruf hats-Tan with denim colored bill, features Carrot and Ruf holding a carrot and bone respectively.........$10
Carrot and Ruf Stickers........$1 each
Please email me with your order. Personal checks only, check must clear before order is shipped.
Last updated 5.13.01
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