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The Story

Ok, basically, a teenager named Crono visits the local millenial fair. While there, he meets Marle (rather body checks her) who just happens to be a rebel princess. Go figure. Anyway, they visit Crono's friend, Lucca, who has built a teleporting machine. Upon Crono testing it out and not ending up with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg, Marle announces she wants a try. Mistake. Unfortunately, her pendant, (later dicovered to have eerie magic powers, ooohhhh!!!) disrupts the fabrics of time and flings her into a strange blue portal. (For some reason her pendant remains on the pad.) Crono decides it's his fault she's.........whatever, and goes after her.(This time the pendant leaves......?????) And so begins a trek through time. In other words they get sidetracked and zoom through time killing stuff. GREAT GAME!!! Really, would I have a complete site on CT if I hated it? No, I would not. Great game.