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Technician training resources / a+ certification tests

The A+ Certification test is administered by The Computing Technology Industry Association.

A+ Certification, The Computing Technology Industry Association's test program for computer repair professionals was started in 1993. Backed by many hardware and software vendors, it is fast becoming a pre-requisite for jobs in the field. Passing the A+ Certification tests is a good way for a technician to advance in the field.

Links to a-plus certification training and preparation software providers:

- example questions

- "A+ Boot Camp", "A+ Prep Course"

- Online study course

Heathkit Educational Systems - A+ Certification Preparation Package

- complete course

- Videos, CDs, and study guide set

Franklin College - Long distance education

Meadowlands Learning Center - in-house courses (located in New Jersey)

Howard Community College - in-house courses (located in Maryland) - Tom James