E-Zines for Writers

Technology has benefitted writers in many ways. Word processors make writing easier and faster. E-mail allows us to make queries and submit our work without worrying about the right envelope or the correct amount of stamps. The Internet makes it possible to network with other writers all over the world.

It also gives us access to many publications which update us on new markets, teach us tools of the trade, and provide us with countless resources. I'm talking about E-zines; magazines, journals, and newsletters that you read online. E-zines are not only more economical than print magazines, they get us the information more quickly, keeping us up to date on every aspect of the writing business.

Below is a listing of the E-zines I have found. Eventually, I plan to divide them into categories and provide information about each one. Until then, I wanted to get them up here for you so that you could explore them yourselves. There should be something for everyone.

AJR Newslink
Word Place - Fiction E-zine
The Literary Times - Online Journal for Writers of Romantic Fiction
WritersDigest.Com - Your Online Guide to Getting Published
Inkspot - Newsletter for Writers
San Diego Writer's Monthly
Writer's Block
WRITE! Magazine Home Page
The Short Order (TSO) Newsletter
Dark Planet Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Webzine
The Regency Plume, A Snailmail Magazine
The Write News
Mania Magazine
The Rock Online Magazine
WritingNow.com: The Monthly E-zine for Writers
Publishers Weekly
Write Market Webzine

And here is a neat little search engine for E-zines...

eZines Database, The Ultimate Magazine Database